Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lent Challenge is DONE!!!!

My Lent Challenge is OVER! My challenge was to give up my scale, measuring tape, heart rate monitor and counting calories. I also added in 10k training!
Drum roll....... the results are in!
You can read about my Lent Challenge here
I completed the 10k training and you can read about that here
I was proud :)
My measurements before were:
Weight: 166
Waist: 34 1/2
Hips: 37
Thigh 21
Arms: 12
My measurements now:
Weight: 162
Waist: 33 1/2
Hips: 36
Thigh: 21
Arms: 11 1/2
So, overall I lost 4 lbs and 2 1/2inches. Not INCREDIBLE, but not bad either. I may or may not have eaten crawfish and drank yesterday so a few pounds of that may be bloat too! I am happy with the fact that my waist and hips are going down. That is a problem area for me. I bought smaller shorts because of it :) I have been working more with weights, so I am ok with my arms and legs not changing because I know they look more muscular.
I am also happy that I can lose weight without the help of all of those tools. I know how to do it and think like a healthy person now, so I have faith that even if I decide not to use them all the time from now on, I can do it on my own. I think I probably will use the scale and measuring tape. I will not use them every day like a maniac again. That number does not define me. I probably won't go back to tracking calories and not even sure I need my HRM anymore. Am I crazy? Maybe.
So, my next step.... Advocare 10 day cleanse... should I or not? I have still been going back and forth with it. I may give it a shot. My goal weight is still 150, but I think I would be happy with 155 at this point. We shall see. What did I learn from all this?
Happy Easter ladies! :)

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