Wednesday, March 13, 2013


So, if you are new to reading my blog, here's the lowdown on me and running:

I started C25K in January of 2012. I finished it in about 12 weeks instead of 9, because I was so not good at running and I had to repeat some weeks. I wasn't serious about it really and after that I would run and then stop and start again... It was a vicious cycle. I started getting serious again this past winter and worked my way up to running 3.1 miles without stopping. I was so excited. Then, I decided that I wanted to keep going, so I started adding miles and did my own 10k training. My goal was to get to 6.2 miles before Easter. Guess what?! I did it TODAY! I have never been so proud!!!!! :) 

Here is my view on the treadmill:

Boring, right? Notice how I strategically place things over the time and miles so I can't see? If I did, I'd drive myself nuts. Here's how I do it: I calculate that there are about 4 songs per mile, so I count down the songs as I go. Today I started with 24 songs and it was not easy to keep going. At mile 2 I thought I might quit. Mile 4, I was tired! But I thought of you ladies and how far I've come and I kept going. I also used the sports beans I bought at Academy to help me through. I have been getting nauseous with my long runs. They really helped today and I drink a little Gatorade after too, which seems to do the trick! No nausea today! Yay!

So, here's my message to you- DO NOT give up!!! I couldn't run to the stop sign when I started (I always say that and it's true!) I never dreamed of running a mile, much less 6!!! We can do it ladies!

Now, what to do next? I'm not sure if longer distance running is for me, I may give it a whirl. Never know what could happen. I know I can say this now- 10k training- check!!!!


  1. This is seriously so motivating! I'm on Week 2, Day 2 of C25K and really hope to be where you are someday. Great job!!

    -- Emily @