Monday, March 4, 2013

Billy Blanks 24/7 review!

So, I saw this workout on Groupon a few weeks ago and thought about ordering it. My relationship with Billy Blanks started a couple years ago. My old roomie got me started working out with him and he was the reason I got into fitness and lost the initial 20+ pounds. I really love Tae Bo. This was about $35 and I thought- why not? I live in a very rural area, we do not have a gym here, and I am always looking for something to add to my workouts or change them up. I ended up buying it from Wal-mart online for the same price (something weird happened with Groupon's shipping and I couldn't order it). Anyways, I have tried it out and here is my review:

You get gloves and bands to use.

This is how they look when you put them on:

Let me just say that the gloves they get you DO NOT look like the ones in the video. My guess is they had them made overseas somewhere for like 10 cents a piece, but they do the job. It's a little awkward wearing them at first but you get used to it and resistance bands are always good!

There are 7 DVDs that come with it:

1- Basics- I skipped this one, because it is for beginner's and I do not consider myself a beginner for Tae Bo. I pretty much know his moves, but if you have never worked with Billy Blanks before, you may need to do this.
2- Cardio- This started off kinda slow and wasn't really what I would say "cardio", but it was a good arm workout and definitely made them burn. At the end he amps it up a bit and adds in some jogging, push-ups, bicycle crunches, etc and you get somewhat of a good sweat in.
3- Combo Sculpt- Much more of a workout! This was a total body workout and had you even doing things like burpees with the bands. It worked more of your legs.
4- Ripped Core- If you know Billy, you know that he is into a lot of twisting to work you abs. This was a typical workout for him. It worked abs and back, but wasn't super hard. They kept saying "asa" or something like that, which was kinda annoying! lol
5- Boot Camp Power-Not my favorite! This worked your shoulders and arms, but I didn't feel like I broke a big sweat. The people on the video were sweating their butts off though?! weird!
6-Body Blast- This was more of the typical Tae Bo that I know and I liked this one. It has lots of kicking and punching, like kickboxing should be.
7-Cardio Burn- This was like Body Blast and a good workout overall.

Overall: There are some workouts I like and some I do not. If you are just starting out this would be a good workout set for you to get into kickboxing. If you are a more experienced person in the fitness area, you might be a little bored with it, but I am still glad I purchased it because it gives me variety and on days when I don't feel like REALLY getting after it these are good workouts. The ones I will probably use most are Combo Sculpt, Body Blast, Cardio Burn, and Ripped Core.

Here are some other Billy Blanks tapes I love:

So, there you have it.

What are some of your favorite workout videos?

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