Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday!

I am off today! Woo hoo! I love 3 day weekends :)
So, it is Good Friday and do you know what that means????? I am almost done with my Lent CHALLENGE!
You can read about that
It has been a long 45 days, but to be honest I think it has changed me for the better! I used to obsess over the numbers. I would add, subtract, multiply divide my calories by how much  I worked out times how many minutes, minus what the scale says, plus what the HRM says and take away what the measuring tape said + 10... are you lost yet? LOL! I let it totally control my life. So, for Lent I gave it all up! I put away the HRM, the scale, the measuring tape, and stopped counting calories. I thought that there was no way in HECK I could do it, but I HAVE! I am so proud. I also added 10k training and I complete that!!!!!! I never stick with Lent challenges. EVER! I am curious to get on the scale, but SCARED at the same time. I don't want it to ruin everything I have been doing because:
I feel better
I bought size 8 clothing and feel skinny in them
People have told me I look like I've lost weight
I have still been eating healthy and having other things in moderation
I usually only take 1 day of rest a week, so the workouts have been great
I finished 10k training and ran 6.2 freakin miles
In the words of Uncle Si, I have been.....
He cracks me up!
I don't want the scale to ruin it ALL for me. We all know it can be a lying B!!! We will see what happens. I have been planning on completing the Advocare 10 day challenge after that and also incorporating meal replacement shakes as well. Sunday is the day of decisions and it all depends on my progress. Look for that post Sunday... I will either be jumping for JOY or screaming cuss words! LOL!
Have a great weekend ladies!
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  1. I'm excited to see what the scale says! But either way, major props to you for sticking with it! You should be really proud of yourself! :)

    -- Emily @