Monday, April 29, 2013

Drinking and weight loss....

So, this weekend I had one of those days where I woke up and thought "oh lawd". I knew it wasn't going to be pretty. I knew I had overdone it the night before and I was feeling pretty miserable. The culprit- too many drinks. I must say I rarely ever let these moments happen anymore. At almost 30 years of age, I have learned my lesson- well I thought I had. Anyways, it was a horrible almost 2 days- yes, 2 days to recover from it all! It is so not worth it and I know this. It caused me to miss 2 days of workouts and I hate that!

Why does drinking and weight loss not mix for me?

- It is a bunch of empty calories!
- It causes me to retain water and the next day I am up at least a couple pounds, depending on how much I drink.
- I do not make good food choices when I drink. (salad vs pizza---- the pizza wins! lol)
- I am getting too old and my body doesn't like it.
- It does not make for great workouts, if I even get them in.
-The more clean I eat, the worse it gets...when you try to fill your body with good, healthy, wholesome choices and then through in a drink- it does not come out well at all (and it comes out, if you know what I mean). Trust me!
- It has kept me from my goals in the past and I am sick of it!

So, after nursing myself back to health, I am ready to refocus. Sometimes those little reminders can be good to help us remember where we want to be and what we have to do to get there. I am more determined now than ever and ready for a new day! This was just a setback and not a failure for me!

Happy Monday ladies!!! :)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Funny Friday!

So, we all need a good laugh now and then and exercising is not usually a laughing matter.... there are times when I want to quit, cry, scream, and just give up! I browsed through some of my fav quotes/cartoons... exercise related and not... here ya go! ENJOY a good laugh! :)

Used to be how we used ours mostly! lol

Dreadmill is my BFF (ugh!)

True dat!


Almost to 30! YIKES!

Best quote EVER!

I wish!


Gotta love it!

Have a great Friday ladies! :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

10 random things about me...

I have sucked at this blog thing this week and I am sorry! We have been testing on my campus, so my class and I have been locked up together all day with no break (except lunch) and I am tired! So, I haven't had enough energy to stay up and write. Plus, I haven't really had any great ideas for blog topics and this one isn't great, but here goes it...

#1- I live in a travel trailer... yep, you heard right- I am trailer trash... at least for now. When I moved back home, my uncle offered me his very nice empty property and I took it. I am not ready to build a house YET, so I bought a LARGE park model travel trailer that is amazing and I love it. Cheap living, I can still travel and shop and save plenty for a house one day. If you don't believe me, google it- Jayco Bungalow FER- I have a fireplace (electric), recliners, the works... it is nice! :)

#2- I am currently a size 8 in pants and usually a medium top, but sometimes large because I do have a chest.

#3- My favorite shows: Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, Duck Dynasty, Swamp People, Client List, and many more. My DVR is always going... and for some reason I can't stop watching Teen Mom... maybe it makes me feel better about my life? I don't know!

#4- I have one younger brother, he is 22 and he drives me crazy, but gotta love the kid.

#5- I drive a Honda Accord, 2006... yep she is 7 years old and still ticking strong. I love that car, we have been through a lot together and it is paid off- can't beat that!!!

#6- Favorite vacation spot- I really love Isla Mujeres. It is a quaint little island... I love the vibe, beach, everything... I love this place there called the Soggy Peso... has the best drinks/food! I will go back one day, maybe many times!

#7- If I was going to max out my credit card.... I would probably do it on Very Jane right now... that website has the cutest stuff... just ordered some shirts today.... affordable boutique stuff. LOVE IT!

#8- A past injury- I never really got hurt growing up that much but one time I fell off something at an event. I told my Dad my arm hurt and he wrapped it with an Ace bandage. The next day my mom took me to the ER and I had fractured my wrist, but the doctor's couldn't cast me because my dad had wrapped the bandage so tight, my arm hadn't had time to swell yet. lol

#9- If I won the lottery.... I would travel the world... there are so many places I want to see. I would go away for about a year and see Europe, Australia, South Africa... the list goes on.

#10- Last book I read: besides the Bible nightly, I read the Guardian by Nicholas Sparks... he is an amazing writer and I love all his books! :)

Have a great Thursday ladies!

If you have any good blog topic ideas, tell me! I need some good ones!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

All the diets.... that didn't work!

I had a field trip with my kids (my class, I call them my kids :)) yesterday, so I was super tired last night and could not get motivated to write a post. I was snoring pretty early. Field trips will do that to ya.

Today, I am going to talk to you about all the diets I have tried that DID NOT work and why I believe the old fashioned way is the way to go!

#1 Phentermine
There are so many of us who have tried this route. I went to several different clinics and got these pills multiple times. I even ordered some online once. Shame! I wanted a quick fix and I didn't want to put in the work. I thought this would be my miracle cure. What is really did: made me eat so little it was unhealthy, made me SO thirsty, kept me up at night and made me feel real jittery like a druggie (not that I know what that feels like really, but I can imagine that is it!). Did I lose weight? A little. Did it stay gone? Nope. As soon as I got off, I started eating again and the weight came back on. It was expensive and not worth it. I still worry today about the long term effects it might have had on my body.


I tried this one too. I tried it at a time that I had been eating fast food, lots of carbs, basically anything I wanted. I didn't last long on it. I couldn't imagine life without carbs. I am one of those that cannot "take things away" or I feel starved. I didn't understand at the time about healthier choices (sweet potatoes, brown rice, etc.) and I sure didn't know anything about moderation. I felt hungry ALL the time. I didn't really lose weight and I was miserable.


Yep, I tried it again. LOW CARB! Why would I? I knew it probably wouldn't work for me. I was desperate. Again, I was looking for a quick fix. Carbs are essential to my life. SORRY, that's just the way it is. Have I learned to incorporate better carb choices? Yes. But I have to have them. Again, this diet starved me. I don't remember really losing weight on it. It was not a lifestyle change at all.

Now, some of these diets may have worked for you and if they did, that is wonderful! More power to you. All I know is that no diet I ever tried worked for me. I always felt deprived. I didn't look forward to healthy meals. I didn't stick with it. I always gained the weight back, if I lost a significant amount. The bottom line was- I had to find a lifestyle change that was good for me. LIFESTYLE CHANGE. That is the key. Diets don't work, at least not for me. I have to promise myself to make healthier choices majority of the time. Does that mean I will never have a cheeseburger again? NO way! Does it mean I want it less often? Yes! I have incorporated a lot of better habits in regards to eating. I try to eat cleaner most of the time. I did do the Advocare cleanse, which I love and will do it again. I have given up a lot of things that I used to think I could not live without. I no longer crave chocolate cake, fast food, candy, and junk. I want Greek salad, sweet potatoes, chicken. When I splurge and eat something else, it is in small quantities and if I go overboard I am quickly reminded why I don't do that anymore. It is possible! You can live without things. You have to program yourself to think differently. It takes time. You will fall back into old habits (I still do on rare occasion), but you will learn what works for you. You will understand that food is to fuel your body not to feed your emotions or reward yourself. You will learn about moderation. It does get easier! :) Don't give up. I never imagined I could do it- but I can and you can too!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Clean eating....

When I was on the Advocare cleanse, I ate clean majority of the time and the weight started coming off. Since I have started incorporating "non clean" items back into my diet, the scale has started creeping back up. I am NOT ok with that. I know that I will not eat clean ALL the time, but I do know that I am going to go back to eating clean MOST of the time. It is so much better for you. My body seems to need it.

What does my body not need:
lots of dairy (including cheese, which I used to think I couldn't live without!)
bread, bread, and more bread and other white stuff!
things with lots of preservatives

I just don't need it. Clean eating is NOT this:

I wish it was! So, I am back at it and going to make it a lifestyle change for me. Goal weight, watch out- here I come!

Do you eat clean? What are some of your favorite foods/recipes? What are some good websites to get ideas?

Happy Friday ladies! :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A typical day....

A typical day in my life!

Doing a little reading this morning! :)
6:00 a.m.- Alarm goes off and I crawl out of bed. Sometimes I hit snooze, but I try not to because then I feel rushed and I am NOT a morning person. I eat breakfast and get ready while browsing through facebook, blogger, veryjane, etc.

I am usually ready to go and heading out the door about 7 a.m.

I drive the whole BIG 7 miles to the school where I teach! I absolutely love my job and the people I work with! Is teaching easy? HECK NO! Could I see myself doing anything else, anywhere else? Nope. My kids make me happy :)

My kiddos eating their breakfast :)
We have a busy day in 2nd grade! There is A LOT to learn and kids learn more and more every year. It is nothing like what I remember from elementary. The bar has been raised VERY HIGH. We work hard all day. I dismiss my kids about 3:30 every day and I am out the door at 3:45 and headed home.

My new addiction- apples and PB2 nom nom
When I get home, I eat my snack (if I haven't gotten a chance to do it at work). I usually have an apple with PB2- it's my fav!!!! I usually go ahead and get my lunch together for the next day at this time so I don't have to worry about it. I usually prep lunches on Sunday, so they are already made. Then I change and get to work! I usually do some sort of exercise tape (Tae bo, Insanity, TurboFire, Jillian Michaels, etc.) Then, I will work either my arms, legs, or abs and then I hit the treadmill or the bike. Sometimes I do both. One thing I have noticed lately is that since I have been working on building more muscle, I have thinned out. :)
I did level 2 today.... ouch!

Busted out 3 miles and did arms too! whoop!
After workout, sweaty time... it's time for dinner. Then, shower, catch up on TV shows (DVR is my BFF!)while grading papers or doing something work related (most of the time) and then I am usually struggling to stay awake between 9 and 10 pm. I know, I am boring old lady. It's true! BUT I can't help it. Teaching+working out= tired -_-

That's basically my day. I don't sit still for very long from the time I wake up til the time I go to bed. (who in MLFC does?) It is tiring, but worth it and I sleep SO GOOD because of it! That's where I am headed RIGHT NOW! Night night!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Prayers for Boston

Like all of you, I am devestated by the events that happened during the Boston marathon yesterday. It is a really scary world out there today. Schools, movie theatres, parking lots, and now marathons. It seems there is no place that evil won't invade. It takes away our sense of security. My heart breaks for the people who were killed or injured and their families. So many people train for a long time and put their whole heart into a marathon. It's horrible to think this happened while people were reaching goals, raising money for charities, or whatever their motivation might be.

We need to use this for motivation! Run for those people that won't be able to anymore. Say a prayer for those affected and their families. Run with your whole heart today ladies!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Just another Manic Monday!

Good morning girls! Another Monday.... good news is I only have 38 more school days before this teacher is out for the summer :) I haven't been off in years, so it is definitely something I am looking forward to!

Weekend recap:
So, Friday I finished up the cleanse. You can read about that here . I will be doing the cleanse again this summer. It was worth it.

I worked out Monday- Friday last week, so I decided to take the weekend off. This is the first time I have taken the weekend off in a while. It was nice to be able to relax. Saturday I spent the day outside running errands and had a fabulous lunch at this Greek place in town. It is amazing!
Their salads really look like this! It was so good. Then, a friend of mine turned 40, so we had a birthday party for her complete with drinks, crawfish and sunshine. I enjoyed every minute of it and probably overindulged, but it was fun and I just ignored the scale this morning.

Yesterday, I spent the day at the beach. It was an absolutely perfect beach day! I promise to take more pics (I need to for this blog to make it more interesting, but I get so caught up I forget. I will be working on that!) We played horseshoes and then I washed my car in and out afterwards. I guess you can call that exercise! :)

Some NSV that I have noticed lately. My clothes are fitting looser, my rings fall off.

What's on the agenda this week? Healthy eating, better choices, and running more this week. What about you?

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The good and the bad of weight loss and Advocare results!

Good morning ladies! I have no idea why I am up so early on a Saturday morning.... (maybe it has something to do with that bottle of wine I drank with my friend that put me to sleep at So I was thinking about ways that weight loss has affected my life and I decided to do a good and bad list of things that have changed. How could weight loss be bad? Here it is:

1. I feel amazing. I have so much more energy than I did before, all because of working out and eating healthy (most of the time).
2. I feel good in my clothes (almost everything- the bikini still kinda scares me, but I am working on it).
3. I have learned to feed my body to fuel it, not to reward myself or "treat" myself all the time. The body needs healthy food to stay healthy and function properly. I used to eat mindlessly and that doesn't happen anymore.
4. I have created a habit, a lifestyle change that I can help to spread to my family and friends and hopefully set a good example one day when I start my own family.
5. I get compliments now on how I look and dress. I think when I was fatter, I would hide behind clothes, never really wearing anything cute because I didn't want to be noticed. Now, I can wear my cute outfits and I feel damn good :)


1. Losing that piece of clothing that you love! I have certain things in my closet that I absolutely LOVE! You know what I am talking about- that shirt you just couldn't live without, those pants that make you feel great. Well, when you lose weight sometimes those things gotta go- they don't fit anymore. I swear I could have a little funeral for a few things I have had to give away. I am not said to be getting smaller, just sad to see the clothes go, because most of the time I will never find that particular piece again in my new size :(
2. Not being able to eat mindlessly (wait- wasn't that one of my goods? yes, but I will explain). I can't eat without thinking about what I am putting in my body. In my head I try to figure out the best options for me. It really is a good thing, but when I am out and about with friends sometimes I wish I could do what they do--- eat that bread without cringing, enjoy food without a thought, just eat because you want it. I can't! I feel guilt or stress. Does this mean I don't EVER just EAT. Well, no... but it is very rare that I eat without thinking about it.
3. Losing friends. Yep, that is right. I have lost some friends on this journey. When my life started changing, some people went with it. I can't eat at that place all the time and stuff my face, I can't drink all the time, party late night every weekend and expect to be energized for my workout the next day. My habits have changed. Some people respect and support that and some don't.
4. Listening to the comments! UGH! This can be the worst. What is THAT you are eating? Why don't you want some? You dieting again? It is constant. I think some people still don't get it- it's a LIFESTYLE! HELLO!!
5. The money spent. Healthy living is more expensive than just living like the average Joe. Our food is more expensive plus all the expense for exercise videos, gym memberships, supplements, running shoes... etc. The list goes on.

Is it all worth it? HECK YES! I wouldn't change any of it for the world. The good far outweigh the bad. I am happier, healthier, and a better person because of how far I have come.

So, drum roll please!!!!! Here are my Advocare results:

I did the 10 day cleanse, starting the day after Easter. I did 5 days, took the weekend off, and finished up the last 5 days yesterday.

I lost 3 lbs! (Did I mention I had wine last night?)

Waist: -1/2"
Hips: -1/2"
Thighs: same
Arms: -1/2"

Only 1 1/2 inches down!
BUT, I wasn't perfect on the diet. I didn't eat clean every meal, every day. So, overall I am happy. I have been at a plateau for so LONG! My Lent challenge along with this cleanse has really helped me get back on track. Will I do the cleanse again? HECK YES! I am already planning on doing it in July when I get back from Mexico. I think I will def need it then :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Keep on keeping on....

So, we all know I haven't been the best on this Advocare cleanse! I did REALLY well for 5 days, then took the weekend off. I jumped back on the bandwagon this week. I have been doing pretty well, except last night's dinner. We won't talk about that.... lol. Anyways, I am still totally happy. I have seen a 3 lb drop on the scale and I haven't measured myself yet. I will try and do that Saturday. I am so close to the 150s! I haven't seen that in a LONG time! I can't wait to get there. Knowing that I am so close is motivation enough for me to keep going. My first goal is 155 and I am only 6 pounds from it! I can do this! I will do it! I think I might cry when I do!

2 more days of the cleanse to go! WOO HOO! That fiber drink is nasty and I won't miss it! LOL! But, I won't stop working hard, because in July I am going here:
COZUMEL! We are spending a week there and I am so excited! I refuse to look like a beached whale in my bikini, so the work will continue!!! I will be looking good for vacation :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Two bucket list items and Advocare Day 7

So, my Tuesday topic today is 2 MUST DO bucket list items!

Travel in Europe! There are so many places that I want to see! Greece, Italy, France, Germany-just to name a few! It has always been a dream of mine to travel Europe, spending a couple weeks just gallivanting through it all, looking at everything historic and pretty, eating fabulous food, and just experiencing something different.

Can you believe I have never run a race? I am a treadmill runner and I live in a rural area with no place to really run outdoors, so I am honestly a little afraid of running outside. I really want to do it, just have to talk myself into it and practice outside! :)
Here are a few pics from today!
This was me after finishing Insanity Max Cardio... holy cow, I thought my lungs were going to blow up! It hurts so good!

I also did this workout today. I have been trying to find some different things to do with my thighs to make them leaner... we will see if I feel this tomorrow! Thanks Pinterest!

Today's menu:
Breakfast: Probiotic, oatmeal with raisins and a little PB2
AM Snack: Almonds
Lunch: Salad, same as Monday, Larabar
PM Snack: my fav- apple and PB2
Dinner: bust! Dad's ribs, beans, salad- mighta snuck a couple bits of pasta...ahhhhh! I am trying real hard, can't you tell?
Anyways, if nothing else this cleanse has taught me that I don't need cheese or sugary peanut butter, milk every day... I need to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and go for things that are healthier options. :)
I did see a good number on the scale this morning, but I don't want to jinx myself! More to come soon!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Back on track :)

So, for those of you that read my Friday post you know I made it to day 5 of the cleanse. I was not on the cleanse over the weekend and I didn't work out as much as I would have liked. I only got in a long workout on Sunday. Life happens sometimes and I was busy with friends and activities. Anyways, I pretty much ate what I wanted over the weekend IN MODERATION. I had tilapia tacos (instead of the cheeseburger I really wanted), sushi (split with a friend), crab nachos (which I split with my dad), and I might have drank a little. The key to this for me is to realize that I have CHANGED. The old me would have ate the cheeseburger and regretted it, would have ordered too much sushi and would have devoured the whole plate of nachos alone. BUT I can't anymore. I get full faster and that's just the way it is. I also can't drink like I used to. A few drinks and I am done. I know my limit. It's a lifestyle change and I am changing (might be slow, but it's happening!). So, today I started back on day 6 of the cleanse. Here's how it went:

Breakfast: Probiotic, 2 eggs with a little salsa, low sodium bacon, and a few strawberries
AM Snack: orange
Lunch: Salad with the best dressing I have been able to find, tomatoes, and a Larabar
PM Snack: Apple and PB2 and a few raisins.
Dinner: I ate at the parents tonight (can't beat mom's cooking).. she made a chicken casserole and I did my best to pick it apart and eat chicken with a salad and avocado, plus a banana.

I ran 2.0 miles, did 3.0 miles on the bike, and worked my arms, back, and butt today. My arms were on fire! WHEW! I incorporated some intervals on the run today and am going to try and work on my time.

I am just a work in progress like everyone else :) A girl trying to find the balance between healthy living, enjoying life, working out, and having fun in between! Have a great week ladies! :)


Friday, April 5, 2013

The truth!

I have been doing the Advocare cleanse all week... I didn't get to update yesterday so here it is:

Thursday: Breakfast: No fiber drink! YAY! Oatmeal with raisins
AM Snack: Almonds
Lunch: Sweet potato with salsa and an orange
PM Snack: Apple with PB2
Dinner: Brown rice with leftover veggie soup, banana, Larabar

Breakfast: Meal replacement shake (vanilla) and strawberries
AM Snack: Almonds
Lunch: Brown rice with Green Giant mixed vegetables, grapes, Larabar
PM Snack: Apple with PB2 --- I am so predictable and boring! lol
Dinner: TBD

Honestly, I have been trying to figure out all week how I am going to make it through the weekend without everything that I am not supposed to have on the cleanse (which is honestly A LOT of stuff) and you know what I probably won't... I am being honest... call me weak, tell me I am not motivational or inspiring, but the truth is I can make healthy choices most of the time, but we all need a break. I think we spend so much time trying to figure out the science of what to eat and when and what to take away and how many carbs to eat... it is honestly annoying!

The cleanse hasn't been bad for me. I really haven't felt any different. I usually eat pretty healthy/clean. I haven't had withdrawals from sugar or caffeine because I already don't eat/drink those things. I don't eat bread every meal every day, so that hasn't been a big deal. Have I gotten anything out of it? Yes! I know I need to eat more fruits and vegetables, I need to find healthier options to the things I love (Like PB2, which is fine by me). It hasn't been good or bad. I really do believe it is more for someone that needs to REALLY cleanse their body of the things that we can all get addicted to.

So, am I quitting? No! Will I probably eat some things I am not supposed to this weekend? Yes! Will I gorge myself and go crazy? No! I will probably finish out today pretty well and then take a break tomorrow and eat in MODERATION and then finish out the cleanse next week. I know, I am a big disappointment. BUT, throughout my Lent challenge if there is one thing I learned it is that we put too much emphasize on numbers. Life is short and we should live.... as healthy as possible of course!

Sorry if you think I suck and am weak because I can't weasel through 10 days... the truth is I don't want to miss out on life because I am always the one who "can't eat that, can't have that... won't touch that..." Why can't I, in moderation?

Have a great weekend ladies! :)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

What's in your fridge?

What's in your fridge??? I don't have a huge fridge, so things are kinda packed in there... plus I went shopping yesterday....excuse the mess! LOL!

Fridge: A variety of dressings, olives, artichoke hearts, pepperocini, sun dried tomatoes (YUM!), unsweetened and sweetened almond milk, tea (this Texas girl can't live without it!), Light Ruby red grapefruit juice, Shiritaki (recently learned to like that stuff!!), grapes, apples, oranges, strawberries, a little shredded cheese (I actually had to throw some out the other day, which would never happen before, but I haven't been eating it that much- trying to cut down on dairy and beat my cheese addiction!), Feta, Simple truth yogurt, Carbmaster yogurt, Vitamin water, Salsa and Pico de gallo, grape tomatoes, chopped peppers, Eggs, Low Sodium Bacon, Simple truth cereal, Mini Wheats (I keep my cereal in the fridge to keep it fresh longer- weird I know, but something my mom did growing up!), Ezekiel bread, Whole Wheat bagels, Sweet Potatoes, Raisins, My Brita water pitcher (use that a LOT!)....I think that's almost everything.
P.S. Those Sprite Zeros have been in there FOREVER, I never hardly drink them...keep them more in cause I have a guest that wants something with some fizz!

Freezer: This is where it gets jam packed.. it's tiny! (that's what she said! hahaha) Green Giant vegetables- love them and they microwave! Broccoli, frozen banana, Wholly Guacamole, turkey burgers, chicken breasts, smoothie fruit mix, Triple Berry blend (my fav!), Kroger meals that are easy and quick to cook and not too bad on the nutrition front, frozen spinach leaves (for shakes), more bread and bagels (yes, I buy a lot and freeze it!), tilapia, Amy's pizza (good stuff!).

Pantry- this is part of it.. I am running out of time here, but honestly I try to keep a lot more "fresh" stuff so the pantry doesn't have near as much as it used to.
PB2 (love the calorie count on this stuff!), Almond butter, the regular Natural PB (the, Larabars!, Oatmeal, more sun dried tomatoes, almonds, lentils, Italian dressing mix and ranch too, Tony's, Brown rice, Diced tomatoes, chicken broth, sweetener, crunchy stuff for salads, some spaghetti sauce (simple truth, thought I'd try it!)
So, there you go ladies... that's what I have at home and what I eat. There really are no cookies hidden anywhere.. I try not to buy those things because I don't need or want the temptation.
What's in your fridge????

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Advocare day 3!

This post is going to be boring, sorry ladies! Had a super busy day, had to go to a funeral and then to get groceries... Just now headed home on the lovely ferry and tired! Anyways, to the important stuff:

Day 3:
Breakfast: fiber drink... Thank God I get a break from that the next couple days! If I haven't said it- it's gross! I had a meal replacement shake (vanilla) mixed with unsweetened almond milk, a banana and some PB2. It was so good! A little thick but def good!
AM snack: almonds, Lara bar
Lunch: lentils again and grapes.
PM snack: apple and PB2, I seriously love the stuff! I think the calorie count makes it even better!
Dinner: I warn you this was not the best... I ate out but I told you I probably wasn't going to be perfect 100% of the time, even on the cleanse... I had a Greek salad... Yep, Feta too! :/ it could have been worse!

I am human, I will mess up and the important thing to me is that I am eating way cleaner than I was a few months go and def a year ago! Baby steps people, lifestyle changes. I got some great stuff at the grocery store and I am excited about my eating lately. :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

4 sites I visit and Advocare Day 2!

The Austin Family Diary

I stole this from Kathleen over at Something Bout a Truck! Go check out her blog:)

I decided to go with: 4 sites you check daily

They have the cutest stuff! Clothes, jewelry, baby stuff, all kinds of neat, boutique type stuff for prices I can actually afford! They have different deals every day. Check it out!

2. OF COURSE! I love reading everyone's blogs and writing my own. When I don't have time, I get grouchy! LOL!

3. Lately, I have been going to
I do this almost daily to check out workouts for different muscle groups. I want to be lean and mean!

4. Facebook... who doesn't? I can't live without my MLFC ladies and their daily inspiration :)

Advocare Day 2:

Breakfast: I drank that yucky fiber drink again! EWWW, but it was more tolerable.. I drink it through a straw so I can HURRY and get it down. I had 2 (free range, organic, whatever) eggs with a little salsa, turkey bacon, and some raisins.

AM snack: A few almonds and some grape tomatoes.

Lunch: Turkey burger with veggies and an orange.

PM Snack: Apple with PB2

Dinner:Vegetable soup and a salad (I put the best dressing I could find on it- might be bad but oh well!) and a banana.

I feel no different really. Things are moving though, if you know what I mean. I am clean as a whistle! LOL! I am hoping this will help me start and keep up with cleaner eating. I really, really want to get where I want to be SO BAD!!!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter recap and Advocare day 1!

Yesterday was great... I spent the day with family and honestly, I ate WAY too much! Seriously! I could not get enough Reese's eggs. They are a HUGE weakness for me! On top of that I had BBQ, potato salad, and some banana pudding. My aunt's is the and that stuff looked mangled once everyone dug in... So I was super bloated this morning, like 5 lbs heavier bloat! I am not even going to worry about that scale though. Today I started Day 1 of the cleanse. I am going to tell you right now, I'm going to do my best but cannot promise I'll be perfect.

Today's food:
Drank the fiber drink and it was capital D- disgusting!!! Seriously.... Ewwww!
Breakfast: oatmeal with berries
AM snack: almonds
Lunch: lentils and grapes
PM snack: apple and PB2
Dinner: salad with avocado and salsa, banana

I feel fine. I don't really feel much different. I eat pretty well anyways(most of the time!) and I already don't eat a lot of sugar (except on Easter apparently) and do almost no caffeine, so no headache here. I just want to eat cleaner and see how the cleanse would help me with getting to goal. I worked out and felt great, Jillian Michaels No more trouble zones and a 2 mile run. 9 days to go!

The ecard below is so my family! Lol gotta love them!
The other is just the truth :) it's all about a change not a diet!!