Tuesday, April 2, 2013

4 sites I visit and Advocare Day 2!

The Austin Family Diary

I stole this from Kathleen over at Something Bout a Truck! Go check out her blog:)

I decided to go with: 4 sites you check daily

They have the cutest stuff! Clothes, jewelry, baby stuff, all kinds of neat, boutique type stuff for prices I can actually afford! They have different deals every day. Check it out!

2. blogger.com OF COURSE! I love reading everyone's blogs and writing my own. When I don't have time, I get grouchy! LOL!

3. Lately, I have been going to
I do this almost daily to check out workouts for different muscle groups. I want to be lean and mean!

4. Facebook... who doesn't? I can't live without my MLFC ladies and their daily inspiration :)

Advocare Day 2:

Breakfast: I drank that yucky fiber drink again! EWWW, but it was more tolerable.. I drink it through a straw so I can HURRY and get it down. I had 2 (free range, organic, whatever) eggs with a little salsa, turkey bacon, and some raisins.

AM snack: A few almonds and some grape tomatoes.

Lunch: Turkey burger with veggies and an orange.

PM Snack: Apple with PB2

Dinner:Vegetable soup and a salad (I put the best dressing I could find on it- might be bad but oh well!) and a banana.

I feel no different really. Things are moving though, if you know what I mean. I am clean as a whistle! LOL! I am hoping this will help me start and keep up with cleaner eating. I really, really want to get where I want to be SO BAD!!!!!

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