Thursday, April 25, 2013

10 random things about me...

I have sucked at this blog thing this week and I am sorry! We have been testing on my campus, so my class and I have been locked up together all day with no break (except lunch) and I am tired! So, I haven't had enough energy to stay up and write. Plus, I haven't really had any great ideas for blog topics and this one isn't great, but here goes it...

#1- I live in a travel trailer... yep, you heard right- I am trailer trash... at least for now. When I moved back home, my uncle offered me his very nice empty property and I took it. I am not ready to build a house YET, so I bought a LARGE park model travel trailer that is amazing and I love it. Cheap living, I can still travel and shop and save plenty for a house one day. If you don't believe me, google it- Jayco Bungalow FER- I have a fireplace (electric), recliners, the works... it is nice! :)

#2- I am currently a size 8 in pants and usually a medium top, but sometimes large because I do have a chest.

#3- My favorite shows: Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, Duck Dynasty, Swamp People, Client List, and many more. My DVR is always going... and for some reason I can't stop watching Teen Mom... maybe it makes me feel better about my life? I don't know!

#4- I have one younger brother, he is 22 and he drives me crazy, but gotta love the kid.

#5- I drive a Honda Accord, 2006... yep she is 7 years old and still ticking strong. I love that car, we have been through a lot together and it is paid off- can't beat that!!!

#6- Favorite vacation spot- I really love Isla Mujeres. It is a quaint little island... I love the vibe, beach, everything... I love this place there called the Soggy Peso... has the best drinks/food! I will go back one day, maybe many times!

#7- If I was going to max out my credit card.... I would probably do it on Very Jane right now... that website has the cutest stuff... just ordered some shirts today.... affordable boutique stuff. LOVE IT!

#8- A past injury- I never really got hurt growing up that much but one time I fell off something at an event. I told my Dad my arm hurt and he wrapped it with an Ace bandage. The next day my mom took me to the ER and I had fractured my wrist, but the doctor's couldn't cast me because my dad had wrapped the bandage so tight, my arm hadn't had time to swell yet. lol

#9- If I won the lottery.... I would travel the world... there are so many places I want to see. I would go away for about a year and see Europe, Australia, South Africa... the list goes on.

#10- Last book I read: besides the Bible nightly, I read the Guardian by Nicholas Sparks... he is an amazing writer and I love all his books! :)

Have a great Thursday ladies!

If you have any good blog topic ideas, tell me! I need some good ones!!!

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