Friday, April 19, 2013

Clean eating....

When I was on the Advocare cleanse, I ate clean majority of the time and the weight started coming off. Since I have started incorporating "non clean" items back into my diet, the scale has started creeping back up. I am NOT ok with that. I know that I will not eat clean ALL the time, but I do know that I am going to go back to eating clean MOST of the time. It is so much better for you. My body seems to need it.

What does my body not need:
lots of dairy (including cheese, which I used to think I couldn't live without!)
bread, bread, and more bread and other white stuff!
things with lots of preservatives

I just don't need it. Clean eating is NOT this:

I wish it was! So, I am back at it and going to make it a lifestyle change for me. Goal weight, watch out- here I come!

Do you eat clean? What are some of your favorite foods/recipes? What are some good websites to get ideas?

Happy Friday ladies! :)


  1. I am following to see what people share with you! I love yogurt and I am afraid to give it up...

  2. I did well on the cleanse too... and have gained it all back because my eating has been HORRIBLE lately... I am getting back on the clean eating bandwaggon myself!