Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lent Challenge is DONE!!!!

My Lent Challenge is OVER! My challenge was to give up my scale, measuring tape, heart rate monitor and counting calories. I also added in 10k training!
Drum roll....... the results are in!
You can read about my Lent Challenge here
I completed the 10k training and you can read about that here
I was proud :)
My measurements before were:
Weight: 166
Waist: 34 1/2
Hips: 37
Thigh 21
Arms: 12
My measurements now:
Weight: 162
Waist: 33 1/2
Hips: 36
Thigh: 21
Arms: 11 1/2
So, overall I lost 4 lbs and 2 1/2inches. Not INCREDIBLE, but not bad either. I may or may not have eaten crawfish and drank yesterday so a few pounds of that may be bloat too! I am happy with the fact that my waist and hips are going down. That is a problem area for me. I bought smaller shorts because of it :) I have been working more with weights, so I am ok with my arms and legs not changing because I know they look more muscular.
I am also happy that I can lose weight without the help of all of those tools. I know how to do it and think like a healthy person now, so I have faith that even if I decide not to use them all the time from now on, I can do it on my own. I think I probably will use the scale and measuring tape. I will not use them every day like a maniac again. That number does not define me. I probably won't go back to tracking calories and not even sure I need my HRM anymore. Am I crazy? Maybe.
So, my next step.... Advocare 10 day cleanse... should I or not? I have still been going back and forth with it. I may give it a shot. My goal weight is still 150, but I think I would be happy with 155 at this point. We shall see. What did I learn from all this?
Happy Easter ladies! :)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday!

I am off today! Woo hoo! I love 3 day weekends :)
So, it is Good Friday and do you know what that means????? I am almost done with my Lent CHALLENGE!
You can read about that
It has been a long 45 days, but to be honest I think it has changed me for the better! I used to obsess over the numbers. I would add, subtract, multiply divide my calories by how much  I worked out times how many minutes, minus what the scale says, plus what the HRM says and take away what the measuring tape said + 10... are you lost yet? LOL! I let it totally control my life. So, for Lent I gave it all up! I put away the HRM, the scale, the measuring tape, and stopped counting calories. I thought that there was no way in HECK I could do it, but I HAVE! I am so proud. I also added 10k training and I complete that!!!!!! I never stick with Lent challenges. EVER! I am curious to get on the scale, but SCARED at the same time. I don't want it to ruin everything I have been doing because:
I feel better
I bought size 8 clothing and feel skinny in them
People have told me I look like I've lost weight
I have still been eating healthy and having other things in moderation
I usually only take 1 day of rest a week, so the workouts have been great
I finished 10k training and ran 6.2 freakin miles
In the words of Uncle Si, I have been.....
He cracks me up!
I don't want the scale to ruin it ALL for me. We all know it can be a lying B!!! We will see what happens. I have been planning on completing the Advocare 10 day challenge after that and also incorporating meal replacement shakes as well. Sunday is the day of decisions and it all depends on my progress. Look for that post Sunday... I will either be jumping for JOY or screaming cuss words! LOL!
Have a great weekend ladies!
P.S. I have 42 followers, only 8 away until a giveaway. What would you ladies like to see in the giveaway???? Give me some ideas :)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Liebster Award! :)

So, Morgan over at Fat to Fit Confessions nominated for the Liebster Award!
So, here are the questions that Morgan asked me :) 

1. What made you start blogging?
I started following people like Mama Laughlin, Skinny Runner, and a couple others about a year ago. I didn't think about starting my own right away, because I was so busy stalking reading (haha) their blogs. One day I thought- why not? It will help me stay accountable if I WRITE it down! It was private for a while, then I decide to share it with you all! :)

2. Who are your biggest inspirations?
All the ladies at MLFC definitely keep me going daily. It's so inspiring to read everyone's stories, struggles, and achievements!

3. How YOU doin'?
hmmmmm.... How YOU doin'? *smack my lips* lol.. I am good! Tired and looking forward to a 3 day weekend!!!

4. Do you have any secrets? Do tell....
Secrets? hmmmmm.... I am so NOT good at this. I can't hide anything, it is always written all over my face. That can be good and BAD sometimes too!

5. What did you want to be when you grew up?
Oh, there were many things... a vet, doctor, I wanted to work in public relations at one point... it changed a lot. I ended up becoming a teacher (still not sure how! lol) but it was the right thing for me... some days I might feel like I am going crazy, but I love it!

6. What is your guilty pleasure?
Cheesy TV..... Duck Dynasty, Swamp People, Teen Mom (I know...shaking head), the list goes on... I love my TV!

7. Would you go back or change anything that has happened in your life?
Don't we all wish we could change something? But we can't and honestly I am one of those who believe every single thing, good and bad, has gotten me to the exact place that I am supposed to be.... so I will say no, you live and learn! :)
I am going to nominate a new blogging friend for the award as well :)
Mel over at  Sweet Southern Mel
Here are my questions for Mel:
1. What is your main motivation for leading a healthy life?
2. What is one thing you can't live without on a daily basis?
3. What's your favorite fattie meal, if you could eat ANYTHING?
4. Where would you go if you could travel anywhere in the world?
5. What is something you have done that made you REALLY PROUD?
6. What is your guilty pleasure?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I have been on this weight loss journey for what seems like a long time, but in reality it's been about 3 1/2 years. I have slipped, I have made mistakes, I have gone up and down. I am still learning and I am still a work in progress. So, sometimes I like to reflect on my goals and what I really want from all of this.
Here are a few of mine:
1. I want to be HEALTHY! This is number one for me. I come from families that have a long history of heart disease and struggle to be healthy. I want to beat that and change it for my family in the future. I don't want to have a heart attack, be on tons of pills to keep me going, or worry that I will leave my family before I am ready. I want to live to be OLD and enjoy it. They say:
2. I want to be able to walk out in my bathing suit/bikini, a dress, shorts, or anything I chose to put on and feel good about the way I look. I don't want to worry about who is staring at me and feel fat. Every woman should feel beautiful, no matter what. :)
3. I want to inspire others to be healthy, workout, and eat food to fuel your body and not just for the "high" that comes from eating something really "good". I want to encourage people to be more active and engage in healthy habits that can really save their life!
4. I want to eat CLEANER. I want to enjoy the fruits, vegetables, proteins, all the good things out there that are great for you. I want to beat my addiction to peanut butter! LOL! It's really a problem. The Advocare cleanse should help that :)
While writing these goals, there was one thing that I noticed. Not one of my goals involved a number. My goals used to be things like: I want to weigh 150, burn at least 500 calories a day, eat no more than 1500-1800 calories a day, etc. I guess the numbers are really not that important to me anymore. Maybe I have found what works for me. Only a few more days and we will see!
What are your goals ladies? How do you see those goals changing your life or someone else's?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Transformation Tuesday! Fast Food version!

Instead if doing a typical Transformation Tuesday, I decided to talk about the transformation my food has gone through. I'm going to take you through some of my favorite meals and what I eat NOW. It has changed A LOT!

#1- Taco Bell! I used to get Bell Grande nachos and a bean burrito with a large Sierra Mist. Total calories = 1070! Gross, right? I don't even eat Taco Bell anymore. The last time I did was after a night out more than a year ago and I threw it up, because my body does not like that junk!!! Mexican food for me is about moderation now. I might have something Mexican, but I try not to devour it and I try to go for lighter or healthier options.

#2- Sonic- sonic cheeseburger, large tots, and Route 44 root beer. Total calories=1750!
Out of  all the burgers at almost all the fast food places I have seen, Sonic is the worst at 750 calories for a cheeseburger with mayo. YUCK! If I got to Sonic, it is usually just for a drink- Diet Cherry Limeade. For a Route 44 it's a whopping 25 calories! BIG WIN! If I have to eat there, I get a kid's burger which is 330 calories. That's a lot better. I really try NOT to eat fast food, but ehhh it's life and it happens sometimes.

#3 One of my all time favs for late night (after going out and at 2 am usually) was Whataburger. OH YEA, womp womp womp... I used to be one of those. I used to get a Whataburger with cheese, large onion rings, and AGAIN that dang root beer. Total calories= 1650! I would eat it all and then go to SLEEP! SO BAD! Whataburger Jr. now and that's it! Only 330 calories.

** Don't think that I am a fast food junkie. In fact, I rarely EVER have it anymore. These are all past habits that I have changed. My advice to you is AVOID it, but if you have to have it- eat a kid's version. Get a happy meal, small burger. It's all we REALLY need. Think of how miserable you feel after eating all that junk. It's not worth it! We can all change our habits for life and lead a healthier, better life**

Monday, March 25, 2013

Blog lovin!

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Just another Manic Monday....

Happy Monday ladies! I am a happy camper, because I only have 4 days of work this week, thanks to Good Friday. YAY! I have a few things to share with you this morning:

#1: I went shopping this weekend with my mom. I know, we love to shop! I like to call it retail therapy. Anyways, I bought some more shorts (come on sweet summertime) and guess what? I bought a size 8!!!! I got the 10s and tried them on. I have almost always, always wore 10s and I am so used to it. Well, when I got to the dressing room- they were TOO BIG. I kinda stared for a minute and then asked the lady to get me an 8! WOO HOO! BRING IT ON! She did and they FIT! I have been in 8s before, but I always go back and forth and for a while, I have been a solid 10 so this was a nice surprise!

#2: I am less than a week away from the end of my Lent challenge I am proud to say that I have stuck with it. This is the first time in a LONG TIME, if ever that I have not broken a Lent promise. I have not weighed myself, measured myself, counted my calories using the calorie count app or used my HRM since Fat Tuesday. I am excited to get these things back, but not sure I will use them. Does that sound weird? I feel great. I am not sure if I have lost weight or not, but I feel like I have. I feel stronger and better. I don't know if I need those tools to lead a healthy life. I feel like I have been doing a good job without them. I am nervous to get on the scale. I am scared it will upset me and ruin all the positive thoughts I have been thinking. We will see what happens. I am going to weigh myself for sure, because I want to see what I weigh before I start the Advocare cleanse. I just don't think I believe that a number defines you and I don't think I will make it an everyday thing around here again.
What do you think ladies? How do you feel about those dreaded numbers? Did you give up something for Lent?
Leave me some love :)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Story

I finished the My Story tab and you can read about it here

We are all on a journey together and I am so glad :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

A little throwback and a little about my journey!

We all have a story, we are all on a journey..... my goal this weekend is to complete the "My Story" tab on my page. I think it's important to tell about our journey. Sometimes we forget how far we have come. Here are some old pictures of me before I cared at all about my health:

I can't believe I ever looked like that. I knew I was chubby, but I never thought I looked like THAT! I never want to be back there again, EVER! Here are some of my pics after I realized that I wanted to look better, feel better, and be better:

Apparently I like that "stand with hand on the hip" look...hahaha
I am still a work in progress, but I am more determined now than ever (especially after seeing those pictures) to get to a point where I am happy with my body, content with a healthy lifestyle. My journey has been LONG, with lots of up and downs, but I think I am finally to THAT point. More on my journey to come this weekend! Happy Friday ladies! I actually woke up thinking it was Thursday, realized it was Friday and said
HECK YEA!!! :)
Do you ever look at old pictures to get motivated? At what point/age/time in your life did you realize you wanted to be healthier?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Busy, busy, busy!!!

Sorry that I suck at blogging right now. I've been swamped with work stuff. Right before spring break we got a new principal at my school, so things have been kinda crazy. It's also the first week back after spring break. I much prefer sleeping in! Lol! I am working on updating my tabs on my page and completed Food yesterday. I am getting anxious to get on the scale on Easter! Only a little bit longer! Then, I am ready to do the cleanse and get these last 10 or so pounds gone! Pics below: breakfast (eggs, low sodium bacon, salsa and grapes) and lunch (salad with tomato, feta, olives and low cal extra virgin olive oil Greek dressing with yogurt) and snack (Luna bar- love). Right now I am writing this from my stationary bike and about to hit the treadmill! Happy hump day girls!

P.S. it's TOM! I hate it! Makes me want to eat everything in sight! How do you fight TOM cravings or do you cave in? Just a little? :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Motivational Monday!!

So, as I sat there on Sunday night wondering what I could write about on Monday I kept drawing a blank. I usually write my posts the night before and "publish" them in the morning. I am not really a great morning person and I don't have time to do it and once I get to work, forget it- I teach so the kids don't let me have that kinda down time. :)
I have been off work for a week for Spring Break and have really enjoyed it. I hit my goal of running a 10k.. you can read about that here . I have only 2 more weeks to go until I am done with my Lent challenge, but I will talk more about that later. I got a new boss 3 days before we got out for Spring Break and I am not a big fan of change... (at all!). So, you are probably thinking- what does this have to do with the price of rice in China? LOL!
I needed some motivation this morning. I was feeling down, discouraged and just not myself. For one, I don't know if I am making progress because I can't weigh or measure. I ate like crap yesterday. I was feeling that lonely, single girl feeling and realized that Spring Break marked 3 years that I have been single. WOW! I was starting to worry about going back to work and the changes that could take place. I was down in the dumps. I needed some serious motivation to pull myself out of it.
Usually on Sundays, I watch Joel Osteen on TV. It is my church time. No, I am not going to preach to you about how you should watch him... We all do our own thing when it comes to religion... I am not a fan of pushing religion on people at all! BUT I did enjoy his message and it helped.
The message today was about NEGATIVE LABELS! I think we have all put a negative label on ourselves at some point in our lives. What has been yours? Here are a few I have used to describe myself:

The list goes on and on.... I am really good at beating myself up. I am also good at listening to what other people say about me, more of the bad than the good. Joel talked about removing those negative labels. We need to believe that we are the best that God can possibly make us. No one else out there knows what God has given us. We need to stop letting other people push us down and stop believing those negative labels! We need to stop letting the negative label control us. We need to replace them with positive labels!
So, today I challenge you...
Instead of saying
I am fat........ say I am beautiful!
Instead of saying
I can't..... say I will!
Instead of saying
I am not a runner.... say I can run!
Instead of saying
I am not worthy....... say I am worth it!
Don't label yourself with negative labels. Be positive and think positively about what you can and will be! Together and by motivating each other and being positive, we can all erase those negative labels.
Today I am saying: I am beautiful, smart, strong, good enough, worth it, lovable, inspiring, motivational, I AM THE WAY GOD MADE ME.
Have a great Monday ladies!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Favorites!!! the other stuff!

Yay! It's Friday! I am happy and a little sad. I usually love Friday, but this Friday means that I am back to work soon.... :/
So, here are a few of my favorite things.... not food or fitness related, just things I love!
#1- Fleur de lis EVERYTHING! I love it all. This is one of my favorite things. It's a painting that a friend of mine did for me. I guess my love for all things fleur de lis comes from my Cajun roots and you can definitely tell walking in my house lol

#2 LSU- second part of my blog name- FOOTBALL! I love it. My closet has a whole lot of purple and yellow and black and gold (Saints) for my two favorite teams. I can promise you on Saturdays and Sundays during football season, I am in front of a TV somewhere.

#3- Make Up For Ever foundation. Mama L actually turned me onto this and I love it. I am usually not a fan of liquid foundation and I used Bare Minerals for a LONG time, but this is so lightweight and covers really well. It's great :) 

#4- Rusk deep shine oil hair spray... this stuff smells SO GOOD and it works really well too. It holds but does not get all hard and yucky. 

#5- Can't be a Texas girl without a great pair of boots :) These are Corral boots, the only kind of boots I own and I love them. The turquoise on these is awesome and they are very comfortable. 
Happy Friday ladies!!! Only 16 days until my Lent challenge is done. You know what? I don't really miss the scale or any of it, but I am curious to see how I have been doing. If you never got to read about it, you can read about it here and here . Fingers crossed I haven't GAINED weight!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


So, if you are new to reading my blog, here's the lowdown on me and running:

I started C25K in January of 2012. I finished it in about 12 weeks instead of 9, because I was so not good at running and I had to repeat some weeks. I wasn't serious about it really and after that I would run and then stop and start again... It was a vicious cycle. I started getting serious again this past winter and worked my way up to running 3.1 miles without stopping. I was so excited. Then, I decided that I wanted to keep going, so I started adding miles and did my own 10k training. My goal was to get to 6.2 miles before Easter. Guess what?! I did it TODAY! I have never been so proud!!!!! :) 

Here is my view on the treadmill:

Boring, right? Notice how I strategically place things over the time and miles so I can't see? If I did, I'd drive myself nuts. Here's how I do it: I calculate that there are about 4 songs per mile, so I count down the songs as I go. Today I started with 24 songs and it was not easy to keep going. At mile 2 I thought I might quit. Mile 4, I was tired! But I thought of you ladies and how far I've come and I kept going. I also used the sports beans I bought at Academy to help me through. I have been getting nauseous with my long runs. They really helped today and I drink a little Gatorade after too, which seems to do the trick! No nausea today! Yay!

So, here's my message to you- DO NOT give up!!! I couldn't run to the stop sign when I started (I always say that and it's true!) I never dreamed of running a mile, much less 6!!! We can do it ladies!

Now, what to do next? I'm not sure if longer distance running is for me, I may give it a whirl. Never know what could happen. I know I can say this now- 10k training- check!!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Where I live....

I can't tell you how many people hear where I am from and go "HUH? where is that??". So, today I am going to tell you about my hometown and how living here affects my diet and exercise regimen.

I live in a VERY small town in Texas named Port Bolivar, Texas.

There we are- the red dot on the map. LOL! In 2010 we had a whopping 2,417 people that lived here on the whole peninsula. Yes, we are a peninsula and it consists of 3 towns- Port Bolivar, Crystal Beach, and Gilchirst.
My Dad grew up here and all of my family lives here. My grandparents lived here forever, my aunts and uncles live here and most of my cousins still live around here. What can I say? We love "home". I, personally, love being near the beach and love the views :) It's amazing!

Of course there are things that I don't love about living here.
#1- The threat of a hurricane. Ike hit us in 2008 and we were left with stuff like this:
It was hard, but we pulled together as a community (a good thing about living in a small town) and we worked together to rebuild.
#2 Not living close to normal stores. We have one grocery store over here and because they can, the prices are too high for me. So, I have to take the ferry to Galveston to grocery shop at Kroger. Yep, I said ferry.
It takes about 20 minutes to ride across but with wait time and all that, it's about a 45 minute adventure one way. UGH!
#3- No gym here....
We have no gym on the peninsula, so you have to be creative and do your own workout thing. That's why I have so many videos and use the treadmill and weights. It is a very rural area and I am not going to be that woman running down the street with dogs chasing. NOT my thing! LOL!
Sorry for the long post and so many pics. I just wanted to let you know a little more about me and where I am from. Does it make it easy to eat healthy and workout? NO! I have to plan ahead and put forth the effort to stock up on groceries and keep my workouts from boring me! It is worth it though. The sand between my toes, the sunrise and sunset, and just listening to the ocean. I love my home.  :)
What are the challenges for healthy living where you live? Anyone live close to me? (Galveston, Houston, Beaumont?)