Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I am back... after a LONG break! and the weight is back too!

After summer school ended and I actually was OFF work, I left this blog behind and took a break from it all. I had a great summer planned and I knew that although I still worked out and tried not to eat like complete crap, that I was probably going to cheat and drink and eat more than I should. It was great to just be able to enjoy life and live. I went on a trip to Vegas in mid July and I had still maintained my weight up to that point and actually after getting back. Then, I was hit with a bomb. My grandfather was put in the hospital in ICU and we were unsure of what was going to happen, at times we were even afraid he might not make it. During stressful times like that, you would think we would not be able to eat, but when you are sitting in a waiting room staring at the wall- eating sounds like a great break from that. That brought back 5 lbs and put my back up to about 170. Am I disappointed? Yes. Do I know that life happens and sometimes you can't always worry about your weight? YES. I will get back on track and even do better this time. I have faith in myself. I actually bought INSANITY. Yes, I think I may be insane for doing it. I did the first day on Saturday and could not walk correctly for about 3 days. My calves felt like they were going to fall off and hurt SO BAD. Yesterday I did it again and it was easier. Just like anything, if you put your mind to it- you can do it. I am hoping to see amazing results from it and will post before and after pics once I complete the 60 day challenge. :) Hopefully I don't die in the process of it all, because it is a brutal workout and Shaun T makes you feel like you might just fall over and stop breathing. It will be worth it though :) So, here I am- back on track with eating right and working out. We will see how this adventure goes.