Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Quick update!

It's my BIRTHDAY! SHAKE MY BOOTY! haha! Actually, I am sick as a dog today. I have an ear infection and a sinus infection and was put on meds yesterday, which have still not officially "kicked in" yet, so I still feel like poo. I guess once you turn 30, you start to fall apart.. I am officially 31 and today I feel every bit of that age!

I have still been couting my macros. I have still been hitting my workouts hard, until yesterday. I did not workout yesterday and honestly do not think I will today either. I just don't feel good at ALL! I splurged over the weekend. I had a few drinks Friday night and Saturday night. Saturday I took a break from macros counting. I spent time with friends and family and just wanted to enjoy the day and celebrate my bday. Life happens sometimes. I never promised I would be perfect and I guarantee you I will never be when it comes to this. I enjoy food sometimes, I like a drink or too, and I realize that life is too short to stress over every single little thing. I stepped on the scale this morning and am still 155! BOOM! I have not made any progress, but I have not gained either. With everything going on with my birthday, friends and family in town, and being sick as heck, I am completely OK with that. I WILL GET THERE! Wherever there is. I don't want to search for the "end" of this. I want to enjoy every step of the journey. 

I feel even more pumped about that after watching Layne Norton's new video yesterday. Check it out!


 If you haven't watched any of his other videos, make sure to watch them. He is truly inspiring and not just because he has an amazing physique but because he has a great attitude, philosophy, and honetly LOVES what he does. I encourage you all to find something you are passionate about. Enjoy every day. Don't worry about being a certain size, weight, or reaching a particular goal. Like I said, there is no "end" here. If you get to a certain weight, it is not going to bring you happiness. Life is a journey! It is meant to be enjoyed, every step of the way!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Can't remember the last time...

I can't remember the last time I weighed that! Since starting the IIFYM lifestyle, I have lost 5 lbs! It has taken me 2 months, but I did it. After being on a restricted, "clean eating", cookie cutter diet (or whatever you want to call it), my metabolism was probably as slow as a snail. It is horrible what that lifestyle can do to your body and I didn't even know it. Educate yourself before starting any plan! Our bodies need nutrients and those come in all forms- carbs, fats, and proteins. There is no reason to restrict ANY of those things from your diet (in my opinion anyways). There is no reason ANY food should be off limits. This works for me and it may not work for you. I am no expert, but I am simply sharing my experience. I have never been happier in my life. I workout hard, I lift weights, do minimal cardio and my body is changing. I am in a size that I haven't worn since high school. I eat what I want, as long as I can fit it in my macros. This past week I have had a cheeseburger, pop tarts, oatmeal, crawfish, ate out at a mexican restaraunt, had broccoli, and all kinds of other foods. There is BALANCE. I eat nutrient dense foods and then sometimes still have room for that cookie or french fries. I don't stress anymore. I am not feeling deprived. I am not worried if I eat something. I wake up every day excited to tackle the day. Is it easy? No way! I have to think about every single thing that goes in my mouth. I have to put it in My Fitness Pal. I have to count and plan. It all works out though and it is a great feeling when you hit those numbers for the day. It has taken time. I have had to be patient. My coach has changed my macros many times. She has worked to find the right combination so that my body would respond. I think she has found it! In the past week alone, I have dropped 3 lbs! I am so excited to continue this lifestyle! :) I am one happy girl!