Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Favorites!

So, I decided to share some of my favorite things(besides Fridays!!!!) with you today......FIVE to be exact. They all have to do with fitness! :)

#1 My Nike Free 7.0. I used to wear Reebok Run Tones and I liked them, but I LOVE these shoes.I did not get fitted by a professional, but I can tell you these shoes are for me! My feet don't hurt. I can do any workout in them and run too! I feel like I am wearing nothing, but get support at the same time. COMFY! I got them for Christmas, but I know they came from the Nike Outlet, so they weren't super expensive- SCORE! I think everyone has a shoe out there for them and these are MINE! 

#2 My Zensah Compression Sleeves. I have the sleeves, not the socks. I bought them about a year ago when I first started running. My calves used to hurt so bad! I would wear them while I ran and for a while after. They helped SO MUCH! Now, I wear them only after a run and only if it is a long one or if I incease the incline and feel the burn. They have saved me from a lot of pain and are definitely worth the investment!

#3 This new app I found called "Running Log". I got the free version of it and use it to track my runs. It is pretty awesome. You can track how far you ran, time, tell what kind of run it was, how much effort you put in, etc. It gives you your pace and keeps it all on a nice little calendar for you. I like it :) Since I am a treadmill junkie, it helps me keep track.
Here is my run info for February!

Yep, I have run 62 miles since I started using it! WOO HOO! I am not a fast runner, but I am a RUNNER!

#4 Insanity and TurboFire! I could not live without these two. I love, love, love the pain and burn they bring. Insanity is a tough workout, but Shaun T makes it worth it. TurboFire is FUN and a great sweat! These are definitely worth buying!!
#5 My Sony headphones... I looked them up and the official name is MDR J10. I got them at Academy and they rock! They don't fall out and they keep the music pumping so I can keep going! Plus they were only like $10!
Academy Sports Sony h.ear Stereo Headphones
Here is my calendar for the month of February. DONE!
5 rest days, 23 workout days, 15 days running
Come on MARCH! Goals for March:
Eat cleaner!
Keep up with Lent challenge- no measuring, weighing, tracking or HRM.
Run more miles than I did in February!
What are your March goals????

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