Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A different person and proud of it :)

This is true and I am so proud of it! I really started changing about 2 years ago, but this quote made me think about how much I have changed- for the better! Here are some of the ways I am different :

1. I drink water every day, all day and love it.
2. Drinking coffee, a coke or anything else with caffeine usually gives me a headache or stomach ache.
3. I measure a lot of what I eat and exercise portion control instead of piling it on my plate.
4. I can eat a kid's meal and be happy.
5. I love salads and have no problem eating one any time.
6. I look forward to working out!
7. I can RUN, up to 5 miles and counting. I used to not even be able to run to the stop sign.
8. I am stronger than I used to be.
9. I like to have a couple drinks, not overdo it and get wasted because I know the next day I have a workout to do.
10. I love fruits and vegetables and try to eat them as much as I can.
11. Sweets no longer seem so appealing to me.
12. I have done Insanity and TurboFire.
13. I want to workout, not only to look good but to be healthy and have a long future to look forward to.
14. I used to let the people around me influence me to make bad eating choices, but now I try to influence them.

I could go on.... But you get the point. Healthy changes come slowly sometimes, but if you keep trying they do come. You start to love them and want more. It's almost an addiction. I am proud of myself for working hard and making changes. Am I 100% perfect? No,I have my moments- we all do. But I don't give up and neither should you! ;)
So true! 

Isn't he cute? :) lol

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