Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jake and Holly's Finish the sentence Linkup.... a day early!

OK, so I still want to stick with my "Friday Favorites" post for a little bit longer, but I saw this on Holly's blog and thought why not? :) I am a day early, but so what! I like her blog! Check her out at :

1. People always tell me.... that I remind them of my family members.... I am little Paul (my dad), I look like my aunt, I am my mom made over.... I live in a small town and I hear this ALL the time. I think it's a good thing, I love my family :)
2. In the movie based on my life... I sometimes think of being like Cameron Diaz in "Bad Teacher". Not a good movie, but every teacher dreams of just kicking back, feet on desk, and maybe hiding "beverages" in their desk. LOL! If you are a teacher, you get it!
3. Typically, I end up regretting.... Drinking! More and more I regret it IF I overindulge, which rarely happens but can sneak up on me occasionally.
4. I always ask to leave off the.... NOTHING! well, pretty much I will eat ANYTHING. The only thing I can think of that I am not a fan of is horse radish... yuck! And if we are not talking about food, I ask Channing Tatum to always leave his shirt off! HAHA!
5. Kim and Kanye really... don't care one iota about this one.... another famous-famous couple having a baby, doesn't excite me
6. My Parents always reminded me... to clean up after myself and that nothing comes free. I am extremely thankful for that!
7. Every single day I.....  think about what I am eating! I can't remember the last time I ate with reckless abandon and went crazy! Other than that, every day I PRAY! God is good to me.
8. This one time in College.. OMG, the stories I could tell here.... Let's see- narrow it to one...  there was one time when I remember going out with a bunch of athletes (hotness) and all the girls- needless to say I had too much and had to be carried out in a hot football players arms... oh and I may have danced on a bar! who hasn't?
9. My grossest habit is... people say this is gross- I use nasal rinse any time I feel a stuffiness coming on.... yes, it really cleans it ALL out and you have to look at snot, but I don't want that stuff up my nose. It makes me feel better, but it is nasty.
10. My latest white lie was... That I had something going on and couldn't meet my high school friends for lunch...I just didn't want to go to be honest. Long story!
11. I know all the words to... Fresh Prince of Bel-Air intro song... doesn't everyone???
12. When I grow up... ummmmm.... I hope to own my own house one day- that's a goal, but will require lots of savings.
13. Sexy time is... (Chris's Mamie reads my blog, so I might skip this one) I live alone, I usually don't bother with sexy.... too tired for that business.... pathetic, I know
14. I will never, ever... sky dive or do anything with heights, I am DEATHLY afraid of crap like that... makes me want to hide!
15. I think it's hilarious... goofy shows like Duck Dynasty and Swamp's my guilty pleasure... Nothing like rednecks to make you laugh.

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  1. YES to Channing Tatum. He should be banned from wearing shirts, ever. New follower here -- stopping by from :)