Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Transformation Tuesday! Fast Food version!

Instead if doing a typical Transformation Tuesday, I decided to talk about the transformation my food has gone through. I'm going to take you through some of my favorite meals and what I eat NOW. It has changed A LOT!

#1- Taco Bell! I used to get Bell Grande nachos and a bean burrito with a large Sierra Mist. Total calories = 1070! Gross, right? I don't even eat Taco Bell anymore. The last time I did was after a night out more than a year ago and I threw it up, because my body does not like that junk!!! Mexican food for me is about moderation now. I might have something Mexican, but I try not to devour it and I try to go for lighter or healthier options.

#2- Sonic- sonic cheeseburger, large tots, and Route 44 root beer. Total calories=1750!
Out of  all the burgers at almost all the fast food places I have seen, Sonic is the worst at 750 calories for a cheeseburger with mayo. YUCK! If I got to Sonic, it is usually just for a drink- Diet Cherry Limeade. For a Route 44 it's a whopping 25 calories! BIG WIN! If I have to eat there, I get a kid's burger which is 330 calories. That's a lot better. I really try NOT to eat fast food, but ehhh it's life and it happens sometimes.

#3 One of my all time favs for late night (after going out and at 2 am usually) was Whataburger. OH YEA, womp womp womp... I used to be one of those. I used to get a Whataburger with cheese, large onion rings, and AGAIN that dang root beer. Total calories= 1650! I would eat it all and then go to SLEEP! SO BAD! Whataburger Jr. now and that's it! Only 330 calories.

** Don't think that I am a fast food junkie. In fact, I rarely EVER have it anymore. These are all past habits that I have changed. My advice to you is AVOID it, but if you have to have it- eat a kid's version. Get a happy meal, small burger. It's all we REALLY need. Think of how miserable you feel after eating all that junk. It's not worth it! We can all change our habits for life and lead a healthier, better life**


  1. Wow what a novel idea for transformation Tuesday! I think I will do this next week :) and I will give the credit to you!

    1. Thanks! I think I did it to remind myself how bad it once was! Fast food is the enemy :)