Tuesday, April 23, 2013

All the diets.... that didn't work!

I had a field trip with my kids (my class, I call them my kids :)) yesterday, so I was super tired last night and could not get motivated to write a post. I was snoring pretty early. Field trips will do that to ya.

Today, I am going to talk to you about all the diets I have tried that DID NOT work and why I believe the old fashioned way is the way to go!

#1 Phentermine
There are so many of us who have tried this route. I went to several different clinics and got these pills multiple times. I even ordered some online once. Shame! I wanted a quick fix and I didn't want to put in the work. I thought this would be my miracle cure. What is really did: made me eat so little it was unhealthy, made me SO thirsty, kept me up at night and made me feel real jittery like a druggie (not that I know what that feels like really, but I can imagine that is it!). Did I lose weight? A little. Did it stay gone? Nope. As soon as I got off, I started eating again and the weight came back on. It was expensive and not worth it. I still worry today about the long term effects it might have had on my body.


I tried this one too. I tried it at a time that I had been eating fast food, lots of carbs, basically anything I wanted. I didn't last long on it. I couldn't imagine life without carbs. I am one of those that cannot "take things away" or I feel starved. I didn't understand at the time about healthier choices (sweet potatoes, brown rice, etc.) and I sure didn't know anything about moderation. I felt hungry ALL the time. I didn't really lose weight and I was miserable.


Yep, I tried it again. LOW CARB! Why would I? I knew it probably wouldn't work for me. I was desperate. Again, I was looking for a quick fix. Carbs are essential to my life. SORRY, that's just the way it is. Have I learned to incorporate better carb choices? Yes. But I have to have them. Again, this diet starved me. I don't remember really losing weight on it. It was not a lifestyle change at all.

Now, some of these diets may have worked for you and if they did, that is wonderful! More power to you. All I know is that no diet I ever tried worked for me. I always felt deprived. I didn't look forward to healthy meals. I didn't stick with it. I always gained the weight back, if I lost a significant amount. The bottom line was- I had to find a lifestyle change that was good for me. LIFESTYLE CHANGE. That is the key. Diets don't work, at least not for me. I have to promise myself to make healthier choices majority of the time. Does that mean I will never have a cheeseburger again? NO way! Does it mean I want it less often? Yes! I have incorporated a lot of better habits in regards to eating. I try to eat cleaner most of the time. I did do the Advocare cleanse, which I love and will do it again. I have given up a lot of things that I used to think I could not live without. I no longer crave chocolate cake, fast food, candy, and junk. I want Greek salad, sweet potatoes, chicken. When I splurge and eat something else, it is in small quantities and if I go overboard I am quickly reminded why I don't do that anymore. It is possible! You can live without things. You have to program yourself to think differently. It takes time. You will fall back into old habits (I still do on rare occasion), but you will learn what works for you. You will understand that food is to fuel your body not to feed your emotions or reward yourself. You will learn about moderation. It does get easier! :) Don't give up. I never imagined I could do it- but I can and you can too!

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