Thursday, April 4, 2013

What's in your fridge?

What's in your fridge??? I don't have a huge fridge, so things are kinda packed in there... plus I went shopping yesterday....excuse the mess! LOL!

Fridge: A variety of dressings, olives, artichoke hearts, pepperocini, sun dried tomatoes (YUM!), unsweetened and sweetened almond milk, tea (this Texas girl can't live without it!), Light Ruby red grapefruit juice, Shiritaki (recently learned to like that stuff!!), grapes, apples, oranges, strawberries, a little shredded cheese (I actually had to throw some out the other day, which would never happen before, but I haven't been eating it that much- trying to cut down on dairy and beat my cheese addiction!), Feta, Simple truth yogurt, Carbmaster yogurt, Vitamin water, Salsa and Pico de gallo, grape tomatoes, chopped peppers, Eggs, Low Sodium Bacon, Simple truth cereal, Mini Wheats (I keep my cereal in the fridge to keep it fresh longer- weird I know, but something my mom did growing up!), Ezekiel bread, Whole Wheat bagels, Sweet Potatoes, Raisins, My Brita water pitcher (use that a LOT!)....I think that's almost everything.
P.S. Those Sprite Zeros have been in there FOREVER, I never hardly drink them...keep them more in cause I have a guest that wants something with some fizz!

Freezer: This is where it gets jam packed.. it's tiny! (that's what she said! hahaha) Green Giant vegetables- love them and they microwave! Broccoli, frozen banana, Wholly Guacamole, turkey burgers, chicken breasts, smoothie fruit mix, Triple Berry blend (my fav!), Kroger meals that are easy and quick to cook and not too bad on the nutrition front, frozen spinach leaves (for shakes), more bread and bagels (yes, I buy a lot and freeze it!), tilapia, Amy's pizza (good stuff!).

Pantry- this is part of it.. I am running out of time here, but honestly I try to keep a lot more "fresh" stuff so the pantry doesn't have near as much as it used to.
PB2 (love the calorie count on this stuff!), Almond butter, the regular Natural PB (the, Larabars!, Oatmeal, more sun dried tomatoes, almonds, lentils, Italian dressing mix and ranch too, Tony's, Brown rice, Diced tomatoes, chicken broth, sweetener, crunchy stuff for salads, some spaghetti sauce (simple truth, thought I'd try it!)
So, there you go ladies... that's what I have at home and what I eat. There really are no cookies hidden anywhere.. I try not to buy those things because I don't need or want the temptation.
What's in your fridge????


  1. I am coming to your house! What a wonderful job you have done keeping everything healthy stocked!

  2. I agree! That's fabulous!! We unfortunately have cookies and too much Easter candy in our pantry. I only eat out of the fridge. This makes life easier for me... for now.