Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Perfect Man!

It's Valentine's Day... did ya'll know? How can you not? People go crazy for pink and red, hearts, roses, and chocolate! Me, not so much.... until I got the perfect gift today:
My co-worker/ex-roomie/friend bought this for me! I LOVE it and I think it really is the perfect man. I am single, so it doesn't take much. LOL! He can't talk, he is made out of chocolate (did I mention that my fav part is the white chocolate which happens to be his boxers- bahahaha), and the best part is he will be gone soon (well as soon as I an convince myself that 500 calories is worth it!).

So, how do us single people spend Valentine's Day? Well my day consists of calming a 2nd grade class so they can get cupcakes later and totally have a sugar high, trying to avoid eating all the candy they bring me, and that's about it. EXCEPT this year I have a date- with one of my good friends to go watch SWAMP PEOPLE! Yep, you got it:

My friend's brother will be on this season of SWAMP PEOPLE! How exciting?! LOL, if you are from the south and know anyone with an airboat and who likes to hunt gators, you know it's a good time! We are going to a premiere party for the first episode tonight and I couldn't think of a better way to spend Valentine's Day.... I am not that girly girl, if you can't tell. Hey, maybe I'll take my Perfect Man with me! :)

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