Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I sure hope I don't laugh today.....

So, yesterday I decided to try out a new Ab workout... well, it's not really new. I have had it on my pinterest board for a while. Anyways, I hope I DO NOT laugh today because my stomach is hurting this morning.... means it works! I am going to try and do it every other day. My Abs could always use MAJOR work!

So, I am a treadmill runner and lots of people talk about how boring it is and that they can't do it. I am not going to lie- I get bored sometimes too. Unfortunately, I live in a very rural area and dogs are EVERYWHERE. There isn't a track around or a trail. I refuse to run down the street with Fido chasing me, so I just keep it safe on the treadmill. Here is the music that SAVES me. It is all upbeat and when I think I can't go anymore I pick one of this fabulous songs and it motivates me to keep running! GREAT stuff!

This came in the mail yesterday. I found the deal on Groupon, but ended up ordering from Wal-mart, because Groupon wouldn't ship to me for some reason. Anyways, I am excited to try it. TaeBo was one of the first workouts I ever got into and helped me lose weight. I will do a review on it and let you ladies know how it goes!
P.S. Still haven't heard from my winner of the giveaway! smburke- hit me up girl so I can get your book in the mail :)

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