Wednesday, February 27, 2013

For all the single ladies..... random thoughts!

So, I'm a single girl and today I found this article..... Wow! Couldn't have said it better myself!

I am perfectly happy single and sometimes it scares me how happy I am! Is that abnormal?

Things I love about being single:

I don't have to:
  • Cook, if I don't want to
  • Clean up after anybody
  • Do anyone's laundry
  • Worry about spreading my time out between family, friends, boyfriend/husband, etc.
  • Spend my money on anything I don't want to
  • Worry about spending time on things like working out because my time is really MY time
  • When I want to eat healthy I can and no one will eat a cookie in front of me. LOL!

Things that kinda suck about being single
  • I have no +1 to the showers, weddings, or other events I go to
  • I worry that my eggs are dying slowly. I do kinda want to have kids one day and worry about being OLD and alone!

I think I am becoming set in my ways and worry that might stop me from finding love
  • Just having someone to go eat with, movies, shop with, cuddle with, be stuck at home with on a nasty day... the companionship of it all

  • Overall, life is great! I have great people in my life and feel very BLESSED! I am one of those that believe there IS a plan! What do you single ladies think?? And married ladies, what's the best part about being married?? 

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