Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jillian Michaels Slim for Life

So, I posted last week in MLFC that I was reading this book. Well, I read it over the weekend. Yes, the whole thing! I did skim over some parts that I felt  were things I already knew, but I did read MOST of it and I enjoyed it. I have never read any of Jillian's other books, so I cannot compare it to something else. I am going to break it down into chapters for you and give you the highlights:

Chapter 1: Eating
In this chapter, Jillian reminds us of all the important things that we need to keep in mind with eating. She talks about cutting chemicals (something I am def trying to do!), eating more foods of color and eating foods that are fresh/local, tracking food, eating things that come from nature and are not processed, eat smaller portions, don't drink your calories. These are all things we know, but it is always good to read them again, just as a reminder. *She also included some EZ Calorie Cut tips that I liked*

Chapter 2: Moving
In this chapter, she gives us lots of tips for working out. I really liked this chapter. One thing that I have taken for this and am trying to use is "splitting" the training I do on certain muscle groups. She talks about increasing your speed, changing up workouts, getting out and enjoying exercise and so much more.

Chapter 3: At Home
This chapter talks about making your home a place that you can be healthy and slim in! It talks about the foods you should bring into your home. This is important for me and for all of us! I try not to buy the foods I know are not good for my weight loss. I know that is harder for some of you who have husbands and kids, but I think it's really important to get everyone on board. :) She talks about things to look for at the grocery store and what to look for on labels. She even gives some recipes. Then, she goes into workouts you can do at home and also cleaning products you can use for your house to keep it "green".

Chapter 4: On the Go
This is a GREAT chapter for us all- aren't we all on the go? all the time? We are busy women!
She talks about parties, restaurants, work, and even travel and gives some good tips for these situations. Like I said, some of this we already know- but hey, I can always use a reminder.

Chapter 5: Stay Motivated
We all need MOTIVATION! That's why we go to MLFC every day! :) This talks about all the things we do: looking at ourselves in the mirror, setting goals, create an agenda, and the list goes on. One of her tips was to BLOG if you wanted to. I liked that. We all motivate each other and that is what this chapter is all about- ways to stay motivated :)

Chapter 6: Evading Pitfalls
This talks about all the things the we struggle with: STRESS, binging, not drinking enough water, trying to save money and be healthy at the same time, fitting in workouts with kids, and the dreaded PLATEAU! Good stuff in this chapter!

Chapter 7: Supercharge your Slim
This was the chapter I skipped over the most. It talks about not being a party animal, using smaller plates, eating more fish and fiber, and a couple weird things like wearing blue glasses when you eat. It's not that it was a bad chapter, I just didn't feel that I could incorporate some of these things into my day and that is what the book is all about.

While reading the book, you are calculating points and adding them up for things that you feel you can do. At the end she gives you the results and then gives you advice based on your score. I haven't had time to do this yet, but I will.

**One of my fav parts- Slim myths! Throughout the book, she talks about some of those weight loss "myths" that are out there and gives her input on it and even some research to show that some of them are complete BS.

All in all, the book was great. Did it change my life? NO, but I have also been on a weight loss journey for a while, BUT I am always thankful for the reminders and I did learn some new things to use as well. I think it is worth the read.

SO... I am giving one away..... All you have to do is be a follower of my blog and comment on this post. I will pick one person on Monday and mail you a copy of "Slim for Life" to help get you motivated or keep you on the right track! That's right.... my blog isn't fancy (still waiting on that makeover from Hubby Jack), as of right now I only have 11 followers, but I am doing a giveaway! I want to connect with more people and I want to pave it forward by giving one  of you ladies a great book! So, follow me! COMMENT all ends Monday!

Thanks ladies!! :)


  1. Great review! Can't wait to read it for myself.

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  4. I followed you! And just read through your blog! You're doing great!

  5. Thanks for the review of the book! Thanks for sharing your journey!

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  7. It never hurts to have a reminder of things we should be doing to better ourselves :) have followed your blog :) mwah x

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