Monday, February 11, 2013

Almost time.... I am kinda scared!

So, tomorrow is the day... FAT Tuesday.... my last day to weigh in, meausre, track.... I am scared! I have been so reliant on these things to help me get through the day and I obsess over it! I am not sure what will happen when they are gone. I already put up my HRM last Thursday. It has been hard, but I know that the workouts I am doing are good and I am burning calories, so I let that go pretty easily. The rest will be REALLY hard (that's what she I know I need a break. I know I need to focus on healthy eating and not stress over everthing. I will post weight and measurements tomorrow after I use those tools for the last time! (EEEEEEEEK!)

Weekend recap:
This weekend was Mardi Gras in my hometown. It's a small parade, but lots of fun. Anyways, I drank TOO much and then ate a big plate of mexican food. BAD, I know (slaps my hand), but sometimes you have to let go and have some fun and I did. Yesterday I got up and busted out TurboFire HIIT 20, ran 3.1 miles, and did a new arm workout I found on Pinterest
Pinned Image
The dips hurt so good! :)

Last night I decide to make something to take for lunch the next few days. Here is what I whipped up: (Should have taken a pic!)

3 Chicken breasts cut in small pieces
1 bag chopped broccoli
Philadephia Cooking Creme Italian Cheese and Herb (I used about half the container)
Artichoke hearts (I put about 1/4 cup)
1/2 cup white mushrooms

It smelled good! We will see if it tastes as good! The whole thing was around 900 calories and I split it in 3... so 300 calories for lunch! :) Easy!

P.S. I have recruited Hubby Jack to revamp the blog so it will be nice and fancy... COMING SOON! :) I can't wait!

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  1. That recipe sounds delish!! Can't wait to see what hubby Jack does for you :) I need a make- over for my blog bad!!