Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday... New thoughts

This morning I woke up and all I could think about was how bad I wanted a bowl of cereal. I don't mean captain crunch or fruity pebbles, just a good old bowl of frosted mini wheats! I thought about it and I have gone 10 days with pretty great eating, no carbs hardly, and I feel good. I wanted that cereal and guess what I had it! I started thinking and I think about every 10 days I will let myself have some freedom but not go overboard... What is that? 10% of the month? That is my so what Wednesday! Lol

45 min TurboFire 
2.8 miles on treadmill
It was a serious cardio day!

Small bowl of frosted mini wheats
Light grapefruit juice 4 oz

Snack: almonds and raisins

Lunch: we went out- I got a side salad and two avocado tacos, ate one and then the filling of the other but not the tortilla

No afternoon snack, I wasn't hungry

Dinner: sloppy joe- one on wheat bread that was only 140 calories
I counted out 13 chips and had little cheese dip. 
Glass of milk
Salad (had to have some veggies)

Tomorrow it is back to the grind and 10 days Til I let loose again.

We all have to take our own journey, there are no clear defined rules and I'm ok making it up as I go! So what!!

Leave you with a quote I put on my brothers board... Gotta love uncle Si! Duck dynasty day- woo hoo!


  1. haha, LOVE Uncle Si!!!!

    good for you- I am starting a 10 day span of eating low carb myself, I weighed myself this weekend and I didn't like what I saw!

  2. Because of your constant inspiration and ability to make me happy reading your posts, I nominated you for the Sunshine Award! Details up in my post today!