Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fabulous Friday :)

Time is running out for summer and yesterday I decided to have a little "treat myself" day and relax and enjoy some good, but healthy food and get a pedicure.
Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance... I swear, I love Shaun T! Always a good workout!
3 miles on the bike
Leg and Ab workout
2 eggs with a little salsa on top
Raisins and strawberries
Snack: Larabar
Lunch:Salad with tuna fish, pepperocinis, olives, tomatoes, and vinegarette dressing. I had a spoon of almond butter for dessert.
Dinner: We went to one of my favorite restaurants- Yamato's... if you are EVER in the Galveston area and you like sushi or hibachi, you will not regret going here! It is AMAZING! They recently got  a new roll on their menu and so we tried it out. Low carb and has no rice, but wrapped in cucumber. It was good, but expensive. Why are healthy options always so much more expensive?Anyways, we ate that, some sushimi, and then got one more roll which I scrapped the rice off of and ate.
Afterwards, we drove around the island for a while and my friend wanted to hang out a bit longer, so we headed to another restaurant and sat outside. It was raining, but nice out. We ended up ordering these AMAZING oysters to share. They were covered with chorizo, blue cheese crumbles, and corn. Not the best clean eating wise, but not too bad either. She ordered a pizza to take home and I said NO! I did have a few glasses of wine yesterday while getting a pedicure and a couple at dinner, but my weight is holding steady this morning and I am back to my water. About to head out to workout and enjoy this day! :)
Here is a pic of my cute toes!

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  1. LOVE those toes!!! and congrats on the food choices and scale movement! exciting!