Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back to work...

It is that time again....

Yep, here we go again! I am no "officially" back to work until Monday, but as any of you teachers out there know, you need time to put your room back together. It takes more than a day and I went up Tuesday for 1/2 a day and then yesterday again for the whole day. I feel like I have gotten a lot accomplished and feel ready, well as ready as any teacher who LOVES summer can be.... the waking up part is going to SUCK big time because I have been sleeping til 9...10....11 sometimes... I know, smh!

So, I got busy yesterday and forgot to post about my day.

Went old school and did Tae Bo Cardio Shred, still makes me sweat! whew! 45 minutes long.
Did my "running for weight loss" app and ran/walked 2.8 miles on the treadmill.
Stationary bike for 5 miles.
Arm workout with weights.

Breakfast:Oatmeal with raisins
Snack: Almonds and raisins
Lunch: Grilled shrimp and mixed veggies
Snack: Luna bar (I am getting rid of them and replacing with lara bars)
Dinner: my mom mad this bean and meat mix- no bread, sugar or dairy so I ate it... beans are not recommended on The Whole 30, but guess what? Who cares? It wasn't a loaf of bread so I am glad.
Protein shake before bed.

The scale is steadily moving down. Started at 174.8 on Monday morning and down to 169.2 this morning, so over 5 lbs... some of which is water weight from the weekend.

Today is a test- I am going shopping to finish getting things for work, going out to eat possibly twice, and going to the grocery store.

Some of the things on my list today:
LOTS of fruits and veggies

Chicken, fish, and turkey
Almond Butter
and so much more!!!

Gotta get stuff together for my healthy meals. Have a great day ladies!

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