Monday, August 12, 2013

Back at it again...

What can you do when you fail? Pick yourself up, dust your butt off and go for it again! So here we go:

Workout today: 
Bob Harper's cardio shred kettlebell workout
2.5 run/walk on treadmill.. I got a new app that is supposed to be "running to lose weight" and I have been doing it for the past week. I like it and feel it is helping me get my stride back.
5 miles on stationary bike with resistance.
Arm workout with weights.
Plus, I cleaned my car inside and out! 
I sweated a lot today and rocked the workout section of the day!!

I have been reading this book:
It's really interesting and has opened my eyes to some things about eating. I am attempting to try it out for a while and see how it works. So today I ate:

Organic oatmeal with almonds for breakfast. I sprinkled a little aria protein powder in as well.

Grilled pork, grilled shrimp, tomato, and a banana. 

Apple and some organic raisins.

Dinner: I pretty much ate what I had for lunch but had a salad instead of tomato and had grapes instead of a banana.

Clean eating day!!! 

Just finished it off with an Advocare shake and I am done for the day. I feel satisfied and happy with my choices today. One day at a time, one step in the right direction. :) 

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