Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day 6 of cleanse! (yesterday)

1.75 on treadmill
3 mile bike
Legs, Abs
30 minutes of Bob Haper Cardio Shred Kettlebell workout

Mushroom omelet with pico de gallo, low sodium bacon

Snack: Luna Bar

Again, got up late so had no lunch or anything

Dinner: OLIVE GARDEN! UGH! How do you eat on a cleanse there? LOL
I had salad, I ordered off the low calorie menu- lasagna primavera with grilled chicken... it was stuffed with veggies and had chicken on top, the worst part was one piece of lasagna noodle. My fail for the week- spinach and artichoke dip :( Again, I am not perfect, but I am doing a LOT better... I also drank tea again! So, one fail and many successes. I will take it!

Starting the morning with a shake and getting ready to go run, run, run... I will check back in later for Day 7. It's a beautiful summer day, friends coming down, bands playing...pray for me that I can make good choices :)

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  1. that cleanse is no joke! good for you sticking with it! it will pay off!