Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weight loss can be so confusing!

So, yesterday I did really well.... AT FIRST! I had bacon and eggs for breakfast and a salad with a piece of tilapia for lunch. I was on the right track. I decided that yesterday would be my off day from working out, because I was really tired and knew I would have more time to workout this weekend. Well, dinner rolled around and I decided mexican was what I wanted. It is hard  impossible to eat healthy at a mexican restaurant..I don't care who tells you different! Unless you want to eat JUST chicken fajitas and nothing else.. you are screwed! I had enchiladas and rice and beans. Yep, you heard me- I ate BAD! I was fully expecting to wake up this morning and have gained at least a POUND...but guess what? I didn't gain a pound! I am the same and happy! I am ready to get this day going! I had one packet of oatmeal, 2 slices of bacon, and some grapefruit juice for breakfast. It is raining pretty bad where I am and so the day will be spent cleaning and working out, to work off all that mexican food, plus some. I can't wait to hit the treadmill!!!! There will be days when I eat bad but I am not afraid to get right back on the bandwagon and keep going. :) Life is too short to worry about everything.

P.S.- the confusing part is that I feel when I stay so strict on my diet I don't lose much.. but then I start eating a little bad here and there and I either stay the same or lose... hmmmm, does our body tell us it needs more? Should we listen? I think I will, at least every now and then!

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