Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jogging is getting a little easier!

Thanks to the mosquitos moving in here in southeast Texas, I am not able to run outside right now. The mosquitos weren't that bad yesterday, but the wind was cold! We are due for more rain today and that means... MORE mosquitos! UGH! I really love running outside more than I do running indoors on a treadmill, but this week it honestly hasn't been that bad! I have been able to run my week 4 runs on the treadmill and boy do I feel it in my butt and thighs. I think there is some kind of "high" that you get from running.... your heart pounding, sweat rolling down your face, and the thought that fat is leaving your body as you take each step. I can easily see why people get addicted to it. I am starting to LOVE running! With the Valentine's Day chocolate out of my sight, nothing can stop me now! :)

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