Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Let the week begin!

Well, bad news is- I did not lose any weight over the weekend... but good news is- I didn't gain any either! :) I can deal with that...especially considering I ate mexican food Friday and yesterday I had sushi... and I might have had a couple (meaning 2) beers the other day. I am totally ok with that. There will be weekends like that..period.. that is life. I am still working on my jogging plan and yesterday I completed week 5, run 1. It was not bad. I jogged for 5 minutes straight and did that 3 times. I am constantly amazed at myself! I feel even more confident that I can become a runner and I will. I think I am going to have to because the end of this week I have 20 minute jogs coming up! OH MY! I pray I can do it! Just to think in 4 weeks I will be jogging 30 minutes without stopping! Bring it on!

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