Monday, February 6, 2012

Here goes nothing!

My first entry! I have used blogging for so many things in life and it amazes me that I never thought to use it to share my weight loss journey. I think part of me has always been scared to actually write it down, in fear that I would actually be accountable. I am tired of struggling with my weight. It hasn't always been a problem for me. Let me start at the beginning! When I was a child, I was always a little on the chubby side. I admit it, my family LOVES to eat! They love to DRINK too, on the right occasion. It's just a part of who they are. I truly love my family and am very blessed. They are wonderful people, but some of the habits I grew up with are not the best and have probably landed me where I am today. When I went to high school everything changed. I lost quite a bit of weight. I was really happy with the size I was. I was anywhere from a 2-6 in my high school years and never imagined I would have to workout or worry about my weight. Well, boy was I WRONG! That all changed the moment that I graduated and entered college. Then, I moved out and lived on my own. Everyone knows what that translates to= drinking, eating out, fast food, junk, junk, junk, gain, gain, gain. Not everyone is that way. Some people are just naturally skinny and I usually cuss under my breath at these people. LOL! Well, it happened to me. I was devastated. To add to that, I worked in the hotel business, so time was limited and I ate to get a break. I also went out and drank a lot to escape the crazy boring life of studying and working and studying and working. I was FAT. I don't think I realized, but when I look back at pictures I cannot believe I let myself go. A couple years ago I finally realized that I did not like what I see in the mirror, so I took charge. Since then, it has been an up and down journey. I gain and I lose... I gain, I lose. I think I can still "cheat" and drink what I want. I never stick with a running program. I just flat out have failed myself. It is time to take charge!!!! So, today is day 1... more to come! Pictures below to begin:
Me in high school.. I probably weighed between 130-140 at this time. (secretly I thought I was a little chunky! What was I EVER thinking?) 2000
Here I was after college in 2006 on a trip with friends. I didn't think it was THAT bad. Those were a size 13 pants. YUCK! I was probably 190ish at this time.
Since then I have gone up and down and up and down! Here was my skinniest in a while- this was in 2010, I weighed about 158 and work a size 29 from Buckle easily!
Not the best pic I know, but I think you can definitely tell in my face! I was thin and happy :)
Below is the most recent pic of me over Christmas. I was easily back to 175. My fav jeans no longer fit. I have currently lost about 7 pounds and weighed in this morning at 167. I am hopeful to get to 150!!!

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