Friday, February 24, 2012

It's true! I love running! And a little about me!

I never in my LIFE thought I would EVER be able to say this, but I LOVE running! I have ran 4 times this week.. I am addicted... I have to complete 20 minute runs this weekend (today is my off day, my only off day). I am excited and nervous for 20 minute runs. I know that I CAN do it and I know the feeling afterwards will be AMAZING, it's just getting there. I have determination and I will work hard. I can promise I will write a blog talking about how great I am... lol... for a girl who used to not be able to run to the stop sign and back, I am proud that I ran 8 minute runs this weekend and I will be even more proud when that little voice comes on and tells me my 20 minutes is up! :)

So, here is a little about me (maybe one day I will have followers on my blog that will care! lol)

Age: 28
Birthday: May 20
Concert last attended: Gary Allan (he is hot!)
Dog: No, don't have one.. one day I want a little inside dog though!
Eggs: Eat them a lot on low carb diet, scrambled please!
Flown on a plane?: Yep, quite a few times!
Giver or taker: I love to give to people and I rock at gift giving!
Height: 5'7"
Ice Cream: chocolate chip cookie dog PLEASE! (haven't had this in forever!)
Jewelry: I never take off my rings, I have quite a jewelry colelction (a girl can never have enough, right?) ;)
Kids: No, not yet... one day when I met the man I want to share my life with!
Laid back: I like to think I am, although I do like to plan things and sometmes my OCD gets the best of me. lol
Movie: I think my fav movie as of now is Dear John- so romantic and no matter how many times I watch it, I cry!
Night or Day?: I would have to say night... I am not a morning person!
Only child?: No, I have a little BIG brother (he is taller than me!)
Pet Peeve: dirty people! I can't stand someone who doesn't keep themselves or their house clean!
Quiet?: At times, I can be quiet.. but at times I definitely speak my mind!
Reality TV?: Gotta have my Jersey Shore and my weekly fist pumpin! lol
Season: My fav is definitely summer.. I am a teacher so I am off and I LOVE THE BEACH!
Time you wake up: 6:00 a.m. every day of the week.. weekends, you never know!
Underwear: ummmm yea and none of your business lol
Vacation: Last one was New Orleans... next one I want somewhere tropical!
Work: Teacher
X-ray: had one a LONG time ago when I broke my wrist.
Yesterday: I worked, ran, worked out... typical week day for me.
Zodiac: Taurus and I am definitely one!

Here's to a GREAT weekend and me kicking butt on those runs! :)

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