Thursday, February 16, 2012

Decisions, decisions!

For the past 5 weeks I have been on a strict diet (with the exception of my NOLA trip- sue me for eating! lol). It has consisted of:

  • Breakfast- 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, grapefruit juice
  • Lunch- salad with any meat, grapefruit juice.
  • Dinner- Any meat and vegetable and a salad, grapefruit juice
It's called the MAYO CLINIC diet... link here. For some it works! I saw a lady at work lose a LOT.. but every diet isn't for everyone.. I gave it my best shot and not to say I won't do it again, but for now I am done. I can't say that the whole things was a complete bust. It did help me to learn more about carbs and nutrition. It also helped me see that I can survive the day on WAY LESS than I ever ate before. I used to have carbs at almost every single meal. I have lost 6 lbs on this diet and that's more than a pound a week, so I think that is still something to celebrate. I did decide last night that I just can't continue to do it every day anymore. I have to change it up. So I have decided to incorporate carbs back into my diet, but still continue to eat VERY healthy and be more self conscious of what I am putting in my mouth. I read a blog every day: She is awesome and if you haven't checked her out, you should! She is very motivational and funny too!

So, this morning I had a bowl of cereal! OMG it was so good.... lol, not really anythign to write home about honestly, but I THOUGHT it was going to be heaven in my mouth. It was a nice change though. For lunch, I will have tilapia and squash and dinner tonight is chili which I will skip the rice and crackers and have a salad instead. I can't wait to go run tonight. I am on week 4 of my "Get Running" program. I rested my legs yesterday and am ready to go again! LOVE IT! I think with these positive changes I am sure to see results. It might be slower than I would like, but I think this will be more of a lifestyle change than a diet for me... that's what it is supposed to be right?! So, cheers to bringing carbs back (in a healthy way) I HAVE MISSED YOU SO! :)

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