Thursday, May 16, 2013

Summer is near and stress eating!!

So, I am a teacher and the end of the year is quickly approaching. 15 more school days to be exact, but who is counting? LOL! We have come a long way from 180, just saying. I love my job but who doesn't like to be off? right?

Anyways, when this time of year rolls around for me it is HARD. I think I feel a lot of emotions:
Tired- we have worked our booties off
Sad to see my babies go.
Excited for summer!!!! DUH!
Overwhelmed trying to get last minute things done.

I am a mess around this time! The kids are going crazy too!

It is hard not to eat my feelings away. I have been starving lately, wanting everything in sight. Am I crazy? Probably. Summer is right around the corner and I know I CANNOT eat everything I want and still expect to look good in a bikini (which I plan to live in this summer). There are so many times like this in life that we want to eat because we are sad, mad, stressed.... the list goes on. It is important to remind yourself how far you have come on this journey and that you don't want to go back.
Yesterday, I found myself saying "don't eat it... You aren't hungry... Drink some water". I surprised myself really. I know food is not the answer. It is not going to fix anything. That chocolate bar, bag of chips, or cookie is not going to solve my stress or worry. I encourage you all to learn to recognize stress eating. It's a big battle to win but when you do- it will feel so good :)

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