Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bayou Country Superfest

This weekend was amazing! My family and I, along with one of my friends headed to Baton Rouge for the Bayou Country Superfest. It was our first time to go and we had a BLAST! :)
Me and Katy- so EXCITED! :)
When we got to Baton Rouge, we were all starving and the first thing on my list of things to eat was some good ole Cajun food! There goes diet out the window! :)
We went to a place there called Parrain's and it was amazing! I got the crawfish etouffe. LOVE! I didn't eat it all, I could have... BUT I put some in a to go box. It was so delicious!

That evening we headed to the TIGER STADIUM for the concert. I am a HUGE LSU fan, so I was just super excited to be there period, but even more excited to see all the great bands play! WOO HOO!

The first night we saw: Aaron Lewis (don't really know him), Thompson Square, Darius Rucker, Miranda Lambert, and Lady Antebellum.
Darius definitely knows how to put on a show. I loved Miranda's videos that went along with her songs, she personalizes them for the places she goes and it was really cool. She was super hyper and fun. Lady A was great, even with Hillary Scott about to pop, that didn't stop her.
The next morning, we got up and decided to take a road trip to New Orleans (about an hour away). I love NOLA and I always have fun there. We wanted to go to the market and eat lunch. I also HAD to have one of my fav drinks! I love Jesters and they ARE strong, but one won't kill ya! ;)

That night we went back to the concert in time to see: The Band Perry, Luke Bryan, and  the Zac Brown Band. They were all great! I am a sucker for LUKE! I LOVE HIM! Zac Brown has some AMAZING musicians in his band. It was pretty awesome! He also played over the time he was supposed to.
This was what it looked like from our seats there. I don't think there was a "bad" seat in the house. So many people and everybody was having FUN!

Overall, I loved the Bayou Fest! We had a great time and I am pretty sure we will be making a trip back there next year. Who doesn't love country music on a nice, breezy night in Louisiana, right? :)
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and great Memorial Day!
P.S. I didn't go crazy and eat over the weekend, but I didn't do that great either. Am I going to beat myself up? NOPE! Gonna jump back on track tomorrow and keep going. Remember, you only go around once-you have to live a little! :)

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