Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Finding a balance!

So, I had a wonderful birthday which ended last night with sushi. It was a surprise that my aunt and cousin offered to take me out. To say the least, I did not eat well. Not to mention that the coach at my school brought me a HUGE breakfast burrito for my birthday, which was breakfast/lunch or brunch for me. Anyways, it was my birthday so I can eat what I want! LOL! Now it is time to get back on track!

For the next few weeks I plan to:
  • Eat as clean as I can
  • Workout every day that I can
  • Run 3-4 times a week
This may be hard over the weekend, because I am heading to Baton Rouge for this festival!

I can't wait! There are going to be some great artists there, including my man crush- Luke! mmmmmhmmmm!

I have already been planning ahead and know that I need to plan to eat in MODERATION while I am there, so I plan to share with my friend that is going with us. It is hard to say no to some good ole Cajun food! YUM! I also plan to get in a long workout Friday night and then Monday when we get back. You have to find the balance between fun and healthy living. It is hard, but remember- you only go around once so make the most of it! :)

P.S. 13 work days til summer break!

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