Thursday, May 9, 2013

Finish the sentence linkup.....


Unlike my sibling(s) (that I love very much).... I have learned to listen to other people (including and mostly my parents)instead of being a stubborn horse's butt!
My best friend says... HIIIIIIII GUY! And our toes talk to each other after we get pedis.... helllooooo loooooo ooooo... we are dorks!
People call me... Miss Senseney (I am a teacher, that is my name- at school, outside of school, everywhere! I am thinking of changing it! LOL!)
I most often dream... crazy crap! I don't remember half the time, but the good ones I know I like include Channing Tatum and the song "Pony" :)
The best part of my day... is when I get to sit down and night and relax, solo in my house and watch whatever show I want!
I really don't understand... this crazy world! You can't go anywhere without being abducted, shot, stabbed, etc. No thanks, I will stay home and I am happy to live in small town, USA. My neighbor is the only security I need- he is kinda craaaazy and owns gunS (way more than one)! (in a good way, of course!)
I get really annoyed... when people are late and make me wait. Every minute is precious, don't waste my time!
There's nothing like a... good margarita... seriously, I can feel everything melt away with the tequila!
Lately, I can't get enough... of sweets! You would think Flo was visiting, but nope- I am just dying for some chocolate!
One thing I am NOT is...Irresponsible... I know- sounds boring! BUT I am a teacher, I need my job! I try to do legal things... lol
I spent too much money on... my addiction to Very Jane... OMG I could buy something every day... that crap is seriously ADORBALE. It's a big problem for my wallet :)
I want to learn.... how to do something crafty and sell it on ETSY and make some MONEY!
If I ever met _________, I would...Luke Bryan.. I would be arrested for inappropriate touching... oopsy!
I can't stop... working out... I love to sweat, it is so much a part of my life and who I am now.. I could not go without it.
Never have I ever... gotten fired from a job- what can I say? I am a great little worker!
Reese Witherspoon... sounded retarded on that tape with the po-pos... it was definitely a good laugh for me.

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