Wednesday, May 15, 2013

And the winner is....... Drum roll please!

The person with comment #10 was Karie! I have e-mailed you Karie and will have your gift card in the mail soon!
A big THANK YOU to all you ladies who read my blog and left encouraging comments. Having support makes things so much easier when it comes to healthy lifestyles and working out.
I get support from MLFC! Without those ladies, I would not make it!
Some of my friends support me and some don't. It is hard. The ones who do support me don't hassle me if I don't want to eat something or whine if I want to head out to workout instead of having fun. The others simply don't understand and most of them do not care about living a healthy life. Most of those friends are not a huge part of my life anymore. It is true that you will lose friends along the way. Never forget your goals and don't let anyone get in the way of what you want to do!
My family is much the same way. I do have a lot of support from my mom. She works out too. I go to her house to use the treadmill, bike, and weights. It's nice to have a "gym" to go to and someone who is as into it as you are. Their are others family members who make comments and say things to me about eating or losing weight. I chose to ignore it. I read some of the comments from you ladies in MLFC and it breaks my heart to think your husbands or family members say ugly things to you. My advice: let if fuel the fire, not put it out. Most of the time when my family says something I can look at them and think "well, I don't want to be unhealthy like you" and it's the truth. I think a lot of people's nasty comments come from jealousy. They are jealous that they don't have the willpower or strength to put the cookie down and get after it. Don't let them beat you down. Stick with it and maybe one day your success will encourage them! :)
Who encourages you????
Have a great day ladies! :)

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