Friday, June 28, 2013

Writer's block and 5 on Friday!

I have had absolutely no good ideas on what to write about on this blog lately! I must have summer writer's block lol! Thank God for other bloggers and their linkups! :)

5 things that make me happy!!!!

1. Workouts lately--- I have been hitting it pretty hard lately. I have more time because I am off and so my workouts look something like this: I either do an Insanity, Turbofire or Jillian Michaels workout first, then I alternate either arm/leg day, add it some stationary bike and elliptical. It takes me about 2 hours to do all that and then I am exhausted. I am not sure if it is working because right now is that "time" so I don't want to hop on the scale this week because it will just piss me off, but I have still been working out hard and I am happy with that :)

2. 2 weeks and I am Cozumel bound! I cannot wait for a week relaxing.... no exercise, the beach, fun in the sun, living in a bathing suit... it is going to be fabulous!

3. Waking up whenever I feel like it! I love it! This week has been my first week home since we got out of school. The first week off, we went on family vacation and so I didn't get to spend time at home. This week, I have been home and really got to relax and be on my own schedule. Usually that schedule involves waking up around 9 or 10, working out, laying out, then finding something to do or reading a good book/catching up on shows. I live for summers off!
4. New bikini I found and love from Victoria's Secret. I have been looking forever for a bandeau type of suit that I can wear with my big boobies and I found this one:
Forever Sexy Twist Bandeau Top
Not me, I wish!
It actually fits and doesn't make me feel like it is going to fall down! I love it so much I bought it in black and then ordered another one in red. It is great! I want to get rid of my tan lines so I can wear strapless stuff more often and have a tan to go with it! For $50, it's a steal because usually I spend a fortune on suits for these knockers and this suit goes all the way up to DD.
5. Free rooms from L'auberge! Woo hoo! I have already planned two trips with friends. I never even spend a lot when I go there but they sent me free rooms in the mail for weeknights and that just so happens to work out with my schedule ;) If you live anywhere close by and have never been- go! It is awesome! Beautiful pool with lazy river and all, super nice hotel, close to good food and drinks and just a great getaway. I suggest you get a card and they will start sending you comps and deals. I love it! :)

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