Friday, June 7, 2013

5 on Friday!

Today, I am linking up with Darci over at The Good Life .
All you have to do is tell 5 things that make or have made you happy this week:
1.Summer break is officially here! Today is teacher work day and then we are done and I am free for the summer! I usually always work summer school, but this year I decided to take off and enjoy my summer. Good thing to, because summer school goes until July 12! ouch!
2. My kids at school made me happy this week! I got gifts, cards, pictures, and all kinds of things telling me that I am "the best teacher ever" and they will miss me! We really go to hang out and have fun together this week and I enjoyed every minute. I love those kids so much and I am sad to see them go to the next grade, but happy that they love me so much- means I touched their lives :)
3. The exterminator came to my house yesterday. This makes me happy because I am so ANTI- roach it isn't even funny, but he assured me he will get rid of them. He was so nice! I love when I find someone I can rely on :) P.S. I am not a dirty person but I live in Texas- roaches are around, unfortunately.
4. I got in a good workout the other day and I know this because I am so sore and have been yesterday and today.
5. My cousin is having a baby! Another one! :) LOL! Even if I never have kids, I know I will be surrounded by them and I sure that his baby will be adorable :) I hope it's a precious little girl to love!
So, I am off to my last day of work today and then to celebrate with friends. I am so excited!!!
Have a great weekend ladies!

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