Thursday, June 13, 2013

Letter to your 21 year old self

Dear 21 year old Melissa,
First and foremost- being completely wasted is NOT attractive! Sure, you have a hot boyfriend and all is well now, but it will not last and honestly- he is a douche so it will be the best thing for you. One day you will ban long island ice tea and jager from your life all together, FOR REAL!
Start working out NOW... don't wait until you are so fat that you can't stand to look in the mirror (can you believe that might happen? well, it will). Stop drinking and partying EVERY night, stop eating fast food, and start moving! You won't regret it!
Your mom is always right. Get over it, accept it and move on. Listen to what she tells you because she knows what she is talking about. REALLY! Right now you never think you will move home, but you WILL and you will love it.
Don't move in with your friend Annaya... don't do it! It will put a real strain on your friendship and things will not turn out well. Why pay for an apartment to live with her and her boyfriend, have her burn all your pots and pans, and spend your life in your room locked away? Not worth it. lol
Throw away the "list" you have made. You know, the one that says married by 25, first baby by 27, and 3 by 32... house and a dog. Yea, that isn't in the cards for you. Learn to trust in God and know that he has a plan. Life will be amazing and no need to worry. You will meet great people, have experiences you never thought you would, and you will be happier than you ever could have imagined. If it is meant to happen, it will...have faith!
Don't be afraid to do anything or go anywhere. Don't let your anxious nature get the best of you. You need to take chances and not look back :) You got this girl!
Your 30 year old, more in shape friend

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