Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Vacation Dreaming linkup!

I couldn't decide which to write about, so I am going to hit you with 3 different places:
1. My favorite vacation destination:
NEW ORLEANS! I love this place! I go at least once a year... we usually go for Mardi Gras. This place is the place to go to party. I like it better than Vegas, honestly. There is something about Louisiana that just makes me feel like I belong there. I don't know if it is my Cajun roots, but when I step onto Bourbon Street, I feel like I could live there forever. The drinks, food, entertainment, everything is just fun and makes me happy!
2. My favorite vacation memory:
Isla Mujeres
This small little island is an amazing place to go for vacation. You fly into Cancun and then go by boat over to Isla. You rent a golf cart for the week and drive yourself around. It's a small little place with everything Mexico has to offer. You can lay on the beach, shop in the market, drink and eat, and travel around the whole island in probably about 10 minutes. I loved it! We had a lot of fun at this bar called "The Soggy Peso". We made friends with the people and laughed so much!
3. Dream Vacation:
I have always wanted to travel through Europe. I want to go to Italy, France, and Greece. Those are my top three places! It has always been on my bucket list. I feel like God made this beautiful world, so you should go see it all :) It's a dream of mine!


  1. Isla Mujeras sounds amazing. That is right up my ally. I may have to look there for our 10 year anniversary trip in 4 years. :-) Thanks so much for linking up with Holly and I today.

  2. I loved New Orleans too! I think it's so underrated up here.... I loved it!!