Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Break and weigh gain/loss

Well, the Friday BEFORE spring break started, I weighed in at 164. I was happy with that, hard work does pay off. That weekend I had a bachelorette weekend, had people at my house, and the eating and drinking were HORRIBLE! I gained 4 lbs back, but I am happy to say, even with nights out to eat with friends I have lost 1 again. Not much, but I am happy with that. I have managed to work out almost every day this week. I have still been jogging, but it's been harder. I think it goes to show that what you put in your mouth makes a huge difference and the healthier you eat, the better off you are. I have confidence that I will be able to get back on track and keep going. I know I will win the war with weight loss and exercise, even though I may not win every battle. The key is to keep TRYING! :)

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