Monday, March 5, 2012

Mondays... blah! Fridays... yay! :)

I have officially decided that Mondays are not the best days for me to get on the scale. It is actually the worst day. I am trying to be realistic with my weight loss. I know that I will have dessert sometimes, I will splurge and eat too much on occasion, but all in all, I am making better choices. So, this weekend my cousin has his girlfriend's birthday party... crawfish, cake, dip, the whole nine yards. I went for it. Did I eat too much? Probably. Did I make a pig of myself, NO! I have learned when to say enough is enough. I do not like what it does to my scale on Mondays, but my hard work this week will get me back on track. I know it will! :) I have faith in myself and my lifestyle change. After all, I did complete a 25 minute run yesterday! I am so PROUD of myself. So, although there will be days when I eat, there will also be days I really watch it and have a good, healthy eating day. It will all work out in the end... because I am just at the beginning of this change to become a RUNNER!

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