Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekend update and weight loss contest!

This weekend was fun! I enjoyed dinner with a friend Friday night. Saturday, I watched the LSU game (football season- oh yea!). Sunday and Monday I hung out around the pool. I felt like since going back to work I was fading. I need my tan. I had a few drinks over the weekend but I was very good! They had skinny girl products at BWW so that was awesome!
Me and the friends watching the game :) 

I have been doing great eating and keeping things within moderation. I'm still stuck around 169 though, but I'm ok with that. My body usually does that when i get back to diet/exercise (stubborn far i guess!) and lately I've been having some bloating and stuff so my body feels a little outta wack right now. All will be well soon. 

So... I am encouraging all the people at work to join the biggest loser weight loss contest I created. Weigh in day was today and everyone put in $10. 8 people signed up, so I am happy! We go Til Christmas break and the team with the highest percentage weight loss wins the pot! I am so going to beat everyone! (I hope!) Tomorrow I find out who is on my team! I am so excited and this kinda thing makes it fun and gets everyone else motivated. Score! Stayed tuned for more details!

Do you do contests with people you know?


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  1. I have done contests at work before. Lost one and won the other! Its fun! I am excited for you, I always seem more motivated when money is on the line.