Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I think I am breaking up again....

I think it is time to break up with the scale again. I have been working hard and it still hasn't moved. Granted, I have been on my period this past week (sorry, TMI) and I know that is probably why, but still! I am not going to let it dictate my mood and what I do that day. I was reading Mama Laughlin's blog yesterday and what she said is so true! I look at the scale and it tells me how I am going to feel about myself, what I am going to eat, and I am tired of it! So, I think I will put it away and wait a while to weigh myself and just focus on being healthy and working out again. The scale tends to stress me out, so maybe it will help me relax and lose some weight finally!

Here is what I have been doing lately:
Every other day, I run on the treadmill- I am still using my "run to lose weight" app and I am up to the point where I only walk about 10 minutes of 45, which is to warm up and cool down. My runs average abut 3-3.5 miles. On running days I work my arms and abs also.

On the other days, I alternate workout videos: Insanity, TurboFire, Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper Kettlebell workouts...I have a lot of videos :) On those days I try and do a good leg workout, although I am bored with some of mine, so I searched pinterest yesterday and found some new ones. Do you have a favorite leg workout you can share? I want to FEEL the PAIN! lol

So, here's to a great week of working out and making good choices.... :)

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  1. check out http://www.skinnymeg.com/ she does a work out Wednesday link up from time to time and has good workouts and some great ones have linked up also!