Friday, April 27, 2012


I am challenging myself this weekend! The challenge is to not overindulge be a PIG! Not drink alcoholic beverages. Continue to workout all weekend. Sound easy? It is never easy for me. Every weekend is a struggle. I think it is mostly because I have friends that come down, people around me always, and I make bad choices when I am surrounded by it. I have to use my willpower this weekend to say no to the big cheeseburger, no to that beer, and stick it out until I meet my goal weight! Sure, I will have a cheeseburger again and I will drink again... but I am going to do my best to hold out until I get to where I want to be! That is my GOAL. Wish me luck! I weighed in at 163.8 this morning (should have taken a pic)! Hopefully Monday I can show you the scale with less than that! :)

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