Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My running stamina is BACK! But so are the weekend pounds- boo!

Last week, I had a really hard time running. I felt like it was a big time struggle. Friday I was determined to run and I did- 3 miles. It was amazing! I was so happy and felt like I was BACK! :) Yesterday I was able to knock out 2 miles without a problem. It felt good. I think I just have to listen to my body and realize when I need a break. It's hard, because I am one of those people who will beat myself up if I don't eat right or work out at least 5-6 times a week. I also have issues with weekend weight gain. I have been in a rut lately where I tend to lose and gain the same 3 lbs every week. I have set a new goal/challenge for myself: I am going to stick to my good eating plan for the next couplesweekends and not drink (big deal for me, I love to kick back and have a beer on the weekends- sue me!). I really want to get to my goal weight though, so I am going to have to suck it up and do it!!! I am going to continue to run 2-3 miles a day and alternate all my Jillian Michaels tapes. I am also going to stick to my healthy eating plan and do the best I possibly can! I can do it!!!

So, what do I run in?

I am cheap when it comes to shorts and tops to run in. I usually get them at Academy. I like anything that is moisture wicking, because I sweat a lot! I get racerback tops and I love running capris.

Shoes! This is where I don't mind spending money because you can't have your feet hurting when you are running! These are my current running shoes- this is the 2nd pair of RunTones I have owned and I love them! I have been looking into the Nike Free Runs and I have heard good things...hmmmmm

I also wear compression sleeves on my legs. Some people say they wear them to recover, some say they only wear them on longer runs. I wear them almost every run. I don't get shin splints with them and my legs are never sore. It's great and I figure- whatever works for you! They are from Zensah and no, those are not my legs...hahaha!

Other than that, all I need is the treadmill (I rarely ever run outside anymore- it's getting HOT), my iPhone with music, and a set of headphones and I am gone. I am so glad to have met my goals to run and I encourage anyone to do it for some great exercise, makes you feel wonderful!

What do you run in?

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