Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Small success!

So, yesterday morning, I wasn't too happy when I jumped on the scale. It said 164.8. Yep, I still gained 1 pound over the weekend, even though I was good with eating and working out. I wasn't GREAT with it all, but I was really good. I watched my portions, did not drink alcohol at all, and worked out Friday and Sunday. I was a little discouraged, but then fellow blogger Mama Laughlin told me- baby steps! At least I didn't gain the weekend normal of 3 pounds. SO TRUE! It is a small victory. Usually after I gain those 3 lbs, it takes me the whole week to get back down to normal (163-164ish). This morning I saw this- yep, 163.4- WOO HOO! If I can have a really good week, then maybe I can use a few pounds. Challenges this week- I am going to a workshop today, which means eating out. I am also heading out of town Friday with my mom, so I will not be able to workout Friday or Saturday. I hope I can maintain this weight, if not lose something this week. Thinking positive! :)

P.S. Sorry for the fat feet, I broke my toe this weekend, so one foot is slightly swollen... good news, I can still run! yay!

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