Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Live life :)

I always feel like I never have time to write on this blog and when I do- I write about success AND failure... lol, oh well, such is life! I went out of town over the weekend, a little mother- daughter time. We went to the big flea market they have in Canton, Texas once a month. If you have never been, it is a MUST- they have GREAT stuff! I love going! Anyways, when we left on Friday I stepped on the scale and I was at 162.8. I was happy with that. I knew this trip would be a challenge and I knew I would probably fall off the diet train, but I was hoping the walking that we were going to do would offset some of what I was about to eat. So, on our way out we stopped to get breakfast at McDonald's. Yes, I know- bad choice, but there are all these itty bitty towns on our route and the choices are very limited. Anyways, I chose a sausage egg mcgriddle. I though "how many calories can that possibly have?". WRONG! They have 560 calories! No wonder America is FAT. Anyways, I ate it- I was starving by this point. Vowed to never make that mistake again for a long time. Hey, sometimes you gotta eat bad things, live a little. Anyways, we shopped all day- 6 hours of walking to be exact- which burns a lot of calories (something like over 1,000). My mom and I split a cheeseburger, which was literally so small it was like the size of the palm of my hand and had a few fries. That night was feast night- we split chicken fajitas and had a margarita in honor or the upcoming Cinco de Mayo holiday- ok maybe just because we wanted one! hehe! It was a bad meal, but I was SO FREAKIN hungry after walking all day, I know I burned that McDonald's off plus some! The next day we headed back out and had breakfast at the hotel. I had yogurt, eggs, one biscuit and one small muffin. Nothing too serious and it was yummy! We did 4 hours of walking this day and we snacked on fried pies (I know, it's getting worse and it's not over yet), but that line was the only short one (darn the luck!) LOL.. they were delicious, but that is all we ate for lunch. By the time we got close to home that night we were both hungry. I got coconut shrimp and a baked potato- which I did not eat most of because it wasn't that great. The shrimp were great though and I did eat those! We also split a carrot cake. So, all in all I had a horrible eating weekend. It happens sometimes, at least in my world. I was fully prepared to come back and weigh in at 170! BUT, guess what? That walking helped, sweating in the hot Texas heat was good and I only weighed in at 164! WOW! A whole 1.2 lbs of weight gain for a GREAT weekend and a little indulgence. You have to do it sometimes. What I do know is I have to work hard this week and get back on track- which I have been doing, eating better and the workout and running begins again today. Everything is good in moderation- I don't eat like that all the time, hardly ever really... so I am happy and I had a great weekend and my goal is still in sight! 9 lbs to go!

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